7 Amazing Music Festivals Everyone Should Try and Attend ...

With hundreds of amazing events taking place around the world each year, pinning down amazing music festivals everyone should visit is difficult! Over the last decade or so, I have crammed myself into a tent for more muddy weekends than I care to remember. While these events are usually messy, they are almost always fun too! These amazing music festivals blend the weird and the wonderful, bringing hours of entertainment and a host of happy memories.


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WOMAD stands for World of Music, Arts and Dance. As one of the most amazing music festivals out there, it is the happiest introduction to world music anybody can get! The festival's layout is designed for families, so it is a refreshing step away from the usual mania of other British events. I have enjoyed this festival from a British perspective a few times, but there are mirror events in Russia, Adelaide, and New Zealand! WOMAD also do dance workshops worldwide, so it is worth seeing if there is one near you.

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