7 Amazing Acoustic Performances by Cher Lloyd ...

By Vanessa

There are so many fantastic performances by Cher Lloyd. She’s come such a long way! From The X Factor UK to topping charts here in the US, Cher’s really made a name for herself. These acoustic performances by Cher Lloyd will definitely make you appreciate her lovely vocals. Let me know which one was your favorite!

1 “Want U Back”

This is the song that really put Cher on our radars! It’s one of my favorite performances by Cher Lloyd because it’s the one that made me fall in love with her! She performed it for Perez Hilton and did a fantastic job.The acoustic version is just as good as the studio one!

2 “I Wish”

This is Cher’s latest single. It’s more of a fun, playful tune. Kind of different than what she usually puts out! Still, fantastic. I love when she tones down her pop songs. She’s able to show off her vocals really nicely!

3 “Superhero”

I'm totally obsessed with this song. She sounds incredible in this acoustic performance. The thing that always draws me to Cher’s music are her lyrics. Listen to them! You'll see what I'm talking about. This song is especially good to listen to if your sweetheart didn’t turn out to be the person you thought they would.

4 “E.T.”

Cher Lloyd performed this cover at Billboard’s Women in Music event for the Nikon Candid Covers video series! It was done as a tribute to Katy, Billboard’s 2012 Woman of the Year. I love this cover because I love Cher’s tone! She has this sort of soulful voice, but can still sing pop songs. She manages to really turn the song into her own and put her own style on it. I love her voice.

5 “with Ur Love”

When the music video for this song came out, I was obsessed! I love everything about this song. It has a feel-good vibe to it and is really catchy. When Cher sings it acoustically, she strips it back a bit and makes it more soulful. Her vocals sound incredible!

6 “in for the Kill” (La Roux Cover)

I had the chance to see Cher perform this live in NYC and I was blown away. I hadn’t known the song beforehand and I absolutely love it now. That’s what good singers do! They make you fall in love with the sound and the song, before you even know who it’s from. Cher has become a master at that with her covers. Wouldn’t you agree?

7 “Oath”

My best friend and I sing this to each other all the time! How cliche, I know. But can you blame me? The lyrics are great and the melody is super catchy. I loved seeing this acoustic performance because you can tell she really means everything that she’s singing! Becky G is featured in the original song and has even performed the song many times with Cher. It's good that they both teamed up because they're both insanely talented!

That sums up my list! It isn't all of Cher's acoustic performances (there are many!), but these are some of my personal favorites. I think Cher is so, so talented and I'm sure that there is nowhere but up for her. Do you agree? Did these videos make you a new fan?

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