26. Mandy Moore, "Cry" (2001)

Remember Mandy Moore? Yes, I sort of forgot about her existence, too. She was actually part of the bubblegum pop scene but once revealed that her real passion was always acting over singing. In "Cry," she did both. "Cry" was her song in A Walk to Remember, a 2002 romance starring Shane West and Moore. Also the saddest movie in the world.

How many of you cried? I think I cried to "Cry" just because it obviously made me think of the movie, geez. "It was then that I realized that forever was in your eyes..." Isn't that the most meaningful sentence you have ever heard? Even at that time when we didn't know what real love was, those words gave us hope to one day feel that. At the time we thought we would feel that with Billy forever, but.. . where's Billy now?

Kelly Clarkson, "behind These Hazel Eyes" (2005)
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