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Upset Angry Elated a Spotify Playlist Fit for Every Mood ...

By Teresa

I don’t know about you, but I love Spotify. I don’t love it just because of the plethora of music, but because I love playlists that are already made for me when I’m in different moods. No matter what mood I’m in, there’s a ready-made playlist for every mood, and this list is sure to help you through the best and worst of moods! Whether you’re happy, stressed out, over everything, or just in need of a good cry, there’s a Spotify playlist for every emotion the spectrum, and these are just some of my favorites!

1 In Need of a Mood Lift
Do you know those songs that just automatically make you happier? Well this is a playlist full of them, and it’s for those days when you just can’t get out of your funk. Everything from Uptown Funk to Hey Ya is on this playlist, and they’re sure to have you smiling in mere minutes.

2 For when You Want to Cry
We all have moments where we just want to drop everything and cry, however, that’s not always an option. When it is an option, though, pull up this playlist. Sometimes, it just feels good to cry, and I’m sure that this playlist will provide the perfect music for you to do so.

3 When You Want to Relax
Think of the songs that relax you and they’re probably on this playlist. Even if you haven’t heard of some of these songs, they’ll instantly become your go-to songs whenever you need to relax and decompress. I love this playlist for any mood, but it’s especially great for relaxing!

4 If You’re over It
Whether you’re going through a breakup or it’s been a while but you something happened that angered you all over again, these songs are great to scream at the top of your lungs when you’re driving around in your car. If you just can’t deal with an ex, these songs will help you get all of that anger out!

5 When You’re in Charge
Are you feeling like a boss? Let your music choices reflect that by listening to powerful women who make powerful music that will make you feel like you really do run the world. Feel on top of the world with this uplifting and motivating music!

6 When You Don’t Have a Care in the World
I listen to this playlist all the time, and believe me, it’s great for when you’re “totally stress free” but it’s also perfect for when you want to be totally stress free. If I’m worried about something I’ll turn on this playlist and feel my worries melt away.

7 For Brainstorming
Finding music that doesn’t distract you but inspires creativity can be tough, but this playlist just does that. When you’re brainstorming or trying to get work done but find music to be distracting, try this playlist on for size. I love this playlist for when I’m trying to get some work done and don’t want to be distracted!

What is your Spotify playlist? Do you listen to mood playlists or prefer to make your own? I think I do a variety of both. Let me know your favorite playlists in the comments so I can check them out!

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