Upset? Angry? Elated? a Spotify Playlist Fit for Every Mood ...


I don’t know about you, but I love Spotify. I don’t love it just because of the plethora of music, but because I love playlists that are already made for me when I’m in different moods. No matter what mood I’m in, there’s a ready-made playlist for every mood, and this list is sure to help you through the best and worst of moods! Whether you’re happy, stressed out, over everything, or just in need of a good cry, there’s a Spotify playlist for every emotion the spectrum, and these are just some of my favorites!

1. In Need of a Mood Lift

Do you know those songs that just automatically make you happier? Well this is a playlist full of them, and it’s for those days when you just can’t get out of your funk. Everything from Uptown Funk to Hey Ya is on this playlist, and they’re sure to have you smiling in mere minutes.

For when You Want to Cry
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