This One's for All Curvy Ladies! Songs about Curvy Being Sexy ...

You're a gorgeous girl, whether you're stick thin or curvy. Every body shape has beauty to it, which is why you should learn to love the way you look. After all, there's no point in tearing yourself down. You're stuck with your body, so you might as well enjoy your time with it. Here are a few positive songs for all of you curvy chicks:

1. Hard out Here by Lily Allen

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Lily Allen is the queen of sarcasm. This song makes fun of the fact that society believes women aren't pretty unless you can see their skin and bones. Of course, Lily knows that that's just not true, which is why she's singing this song. Not only does it encourage women to be happy with their size, but it also encourages them to date as many men as they please and break every gender stereotype that they'd like.

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