7 Switchfoot Songs That Are Sure to Inspire ...

A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a USB full of music that he wanted me to download, and on that USB were a few Switchfoot songs. The band sounded familiar to me, and even though I didn't know anything about Switchfoot, I instantly fell in love with their sound. Their music overflows with some of the most beautiful, poetic, and inspiring lyrics that I've ever come across. If you like to listen to music that makes you think, with lyrics that you can contemplate and interpret, I highly suggest that you listen to a few Switchfoot songs! Here is a list of my particular favorites that have inspired me in so many ways over the years.

1. Meant to Live

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This was one of the first Switchfoot songs that I ever heard and to this day, I still find it striking. It causes me to think about my lifestyle, the choices that I've made, and my desires. This song is all about wanting more than a mundane, humdrum life. If you feel like you're at a bit of a standstill, I highly recommend this song to you! Full of lyrics that illustrate the yearning for "more than this world's got to offer," the song "Meant to Live" will inspire you challenge the status-quo and search for adventure or purpose in your life.

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