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Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music and selecting perfect songs for lazy summer evenings, no matter the occasion. If you’ve got friends over and you’re grilling on your barbecue, or if you’re spending the evening alone, you can still enjoy the long, summer nights with some great sounds. I’ve put together a playlist of songs for lazy summer evenings that you can have fun with and mix up accordingly (as in they don’t have to be played in this order).

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Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald

One of the greatest songs for lazy summer evenings to listen to and sung by the Grammy-award winning American jazz vocalist, Ella Fitzgerald. She was famous for “Cry Me A River” and “Dream A Little Dream Of Me,” but “Summertime” in my opinion was one of her best slow and sultry songs. It’s perfect for those hot and humid balmy nights. Norah Jones and Leona Lewis both did renditions of this track, if you’re looking for an updated version.


A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

What a great song and I’m not saying this just because I’m British (although it does have a little bit of a bearing on my song choice). However, I love this song because it’s so soulful and deep, yet bright and jazzy at the same time. It lifts you up and makes you think about the larger starry skies we all live under! I like that quality about Coldplay; their songs make you think too - I think it’s partly because their lyrics are very poetic.


Give It up – HTRK

Mellow sounds and chill out beats crescendo to the start of the lyrics on this track. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I actually like the lyrics…”I’m going to love you much better, this time…I’m going to love you much better.” Love seems to be the theme throughout not only this song but their entire album “Psychic 9-5 Club!” An Aussie group, HTRK are one to follow if you enjoy techno, dub and punk-influenced industrial sounds all layered together.


Summer – Calvin Harris

Although this track was released during spring of this year, it still captivates the essence and hip sounds we associate with summer. It definitely puts you in that ‘feel good’ mood, no matter what you’re doing or where you are. This track has topped many dance charts and being that Scottish-born Calvin is an internationally acclaimed DJ, he's remixed his own hit quite a few times! It’s worth buying his remixed versions, if you’re into house sounds, drum and bass or techno. I thought I should also mention the video features a brief appearance of English actor, Jason Statham too!


You & I – One Direction

When I first heard this song, I really liked it and think it’s one of those slow, sultry tunes, perfect if you’re spending a summer evening with your other half. You’re not aware of the lead singer taking any breaths in this track either, it’s perfectly smooth! I know I don’t like my relationships to be the same, so I enjoy the unique relationship aspects and energy combinations that One Direction is speaking to…”meet in the middle, there’s always room for common ground!”


Saturday Sun – Nick Drake

This is a melodic-folk track from 1969, that’ll inspire you to watch the sunset with your friends (and/or loved ones). The track captures longing and loss with some moody melodic undertones, and if you haven’t heard of him, Nick Drake was one of those brilliant singer/songwriters of his time (1970s). If you listen to his other tracks, you’ll see what I mean; his words as well as piano-percussion playing are amazing. There’s no known footage of him, just still photos from his childhood, as you’ll see in this video clip.


Future Proofed – the Sand Pebbles

This is a perfect track if you’re lying by a pool or falling asleep in your hammock! The Sand Pebbles are an Aussie band that manages to capture some slow fade-ins with their guitars and keep the easy-listening experience going too. This tune is a little old (as it was released in 2009), however it seems timeless to me and I love the energy and length of this track too.

I hope you'll enjoy this summer playlist of songs for those perfect lazy summer evenings! Can you recommend some tunes to play?

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" dream a little dream of me,," should be there too. It's etched in my memory since 2001 summer

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