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K-pop bands are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Korean pop is fun, upbeat, and refreshing music sung by some of Korea's most talented singers! But not all k-pop bands are created equal... here is a handful of the best bands you should be listening to!

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Among the most popular k-pop bands is definitely EXO. Their fan-base is widespread and dedicated to the 11-member boy band. Earlier this year, when one member left the group, many fans' hearts were broken. Fortunately though, the remaining members still stand and sing united. Their songs, such as "MAMA" and "Growl," captivate audiences around the world. EXO is made up of two groups, EXO-K, that performs music in Korean, and EXO-M, that performs music in Mandarin.



A talented girl group in the world of k-pop is F(x). Personally, F(x) is my favorite k-pop band, consisting of five female members- Krystal, Sulli, Victoria, Amber, and Luna. The girls focus on using their voices and positive lyrics rather than their bodies to attract fans, and it works! Their talent is obvious and the proof is in their success and popularity!



Another widely renowned boy group is Infinite, who debuted in 2010 with their songs “First Invasion,” “Come Back Again,” and “She’s Back.” Since 2010, they have grown infinitely in popularity! The seven member group is certainly here to stay, especially considering they have Korean eye candy L as a band member!


Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation, also known as SNSD, is a popular all girl k-pop group. One member of the nine member group, Jessica Jung, is sister of Krystal from F(x). I guess you really could say that music runs in the family in their case! Along with her bandmates, Jessica has released a number of hit songs since their debut in 2007. A fan favorite is "I Got a Boy"- listen and see if you don't love it!



This group goes by many names- they're also known as Bangtan Boys and Bulletproof Boy Scouts. But no matter what you call them, this seven-member boy band produces amazing music! They rap more than they sing in many of their songs, so if you prefer rap music, this is a group you ought to listen to!


Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day is a four member all female k-pop group. Originally, the group contained members Jihae, Jisun, and Jiin, but today, instead consists only of Sojin, Yura, Minah, and Hyeri. Their songs, such as "Female President," inspire girls to feel capable of accomplishing anything, while other songs, such as "Expectation," are simply fun to listen to!



8Eight is one of the few k-pop groups containing both male and female members. However, I wish there were more like them, because the sound they produce together is nothing short of amazing! In addition to being a co-ed group, they’re also much smaller than most k-pop groups, containing only three members- Lee Hyun, Baek Chan, and Joo Hee. But their uniqueness only makes them that much better!

When it comes to music, k-pop seems to populate its own little niche. K-pop songs are fun and unique, often times paired with music videos just as well made as the songs! What is your favorite k-pop group? Which of these songs did you enjoy the most?

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there are alot of awesome kpop groups like teen top - boyfriend - nuest - sistar - ukiss and alot more


How can Big Bang and B2ST not be in here Oo...

I'm a huge SM stan so I LOVE EXO F(X) AND GIRLS' GENERATION!! And of course Infinite is amazing with their new comeback song "Back"! U-Kiss is also another favorite as well as JYJ or Super Junior! Hyuna is awesome too ^_^

Exo!!!! Suho is my bias

Left out most of the Best

Super junior should be on here

I'm surprised BigBang and 2ne1 aren't on here. O_o

Why isn't any yg artists here. Big bang and 2ne1 are really good too.

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