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I was introduced to songs by Colbie Caillat in early 2008 when a friend was gushing about the existence of this singer-songwriter, who she said "makes the world a better place to live in." And she’s not kidding! Because the songs by Colbie Caillat, from her first album, Coco, practically saved her from an earth-shattering heartbreak/future marriage. So yes, thanks Colbie, for your songs! I have been listening to her for five years now and she does make the listener feel good. Here are seven of her songs that will make you feel beautiful:

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The songs by Colbie Caillat generally have that acoustic feel, accentuated by her warm vocals. This song, co-written with Jason Reeves, is one of those tunes that just put her trademark tone at the top of the billboard. "Bubbly" makes me feel giddy, happy, and reminds me of that high school crush, who asked me to be his prom date.


I do

The thing with Colbie’s songs is that they are naturally sunny and happy. That’s the main reason why I listen to her. From her third studio album (All of You), "I Do" talks about taking relationships a step further. The lyrics point to marriage from dating or the boyfriend-girlfriend state, and it’s a perfect mood setting song on weekend trips to the beach.


Favorite Song

Talk about pop, hip-hop, rap with hints of acoustic, this song is about being the subject of one’s affection delivered in an upbeat, feel good manner. The unlikely combination of rapper Common and Colbie resulted in this musical piece with an island flair to it. The music video was shot in Venice, California.


Brighter than the Sun

This is my favorite song because it really makes me feel so feminine – beautiful, free-spirited, independent. Co-written with Ryan Tedder, "Brighter than the Sun" is my go-to song when I need the morning boost before a big presentation or coverage. The music video has an earthy feel to it and presents a laid-back, nature-loving, downright pretty Colbie, who finds her own special place under the sun.


I Never Told You

From her second album, Breakthrough, "I Never Told You" was written by Miss Caillat, Jason Reeves, and Kara DioGuardi, and it brings the listener down memory lane, remembering a former flame and missing him all of a sudden. It happens to most of us, I guess, especially when the ex-lover is a great person with whom you have shared wonderful memories together. This song tells us to say what we need to say to the person we love or it may be too late.


The Little Things

In case you are wondering about the love interest in this video, the name is Troy Dudley and he is the same guy in "Bubbly." I am guessing it’s that pair of beautiful eyes that landed Mr. Dudley these roles. "The Little Things" is breezy, light, and nostalgic in a special way. It evokes a feeling of yesterday. She recorded a French version of this song, and shot another music video which was intended for the European segment.



Officially, this is a song from Jason Mraz’s third studio album but because dear Colbie is singing a duet with him in this lovely song that talks about surviving a long distance relationship, I couldn’t help but include this here. This song earned the two their 2010 Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The music video was filmed in separate locations: Mraz’s in Prague, Czech Republic and Caillat’s in the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

Any more songs from Colbie Caillat that you like? Why do you like them?

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the title should say make not makes

I think Colbie's song 'Try' makes every girl feel beautifull and good about yourself❤️ I can't believe it isn't on that list. It's most powerfull song from here that I have heard.

OMG they have to add try here, and the music video just makes me feel so good about myself

Love them!

'Try' is most powerful song that makes us feel good & beautiful. The vid, the lyrics, everything in it.

Im a huge fan of the song "I like you"... it has such a lovely feel to it.. I think i should be on this list

I totally agree! "Try" would be a perfect fit with this list! It's been my anthem from the past couple weeks!

I was going to be so excited when I thought "try" was going to be on the list but no.... Lol but her new song try is a beautiful one too!

Her new song "try" would fit perfectly into this article.

She has a new song called try and I love it

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