7 Songs to Pump up Your Workout Playlist ...


7 Songs to Pump up Your Workout Playlist ...
7 Songs to Pump up Your Workout Playlist ...

What is about music that makes working out SO much easier?! Guest contributor Alyssa shares her favorites for a hearth pumping workout. Is your favorite on the list?

Music is constantly used as motivation for working out, but sometimes a new influx of music on our workout playlists can give us the extra boost we’re looking for. I am constantly updating my workout playlist so I never get bored while working out, just like I do with my workout routine. With the wise words by Hans and Franz from SNL: We just want to pump you up!

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Eye of the Tiger- Survivor


Exercise: Running

Of course this list has to start off with a classic! What better way to spice up your workout than having a tribute to Rocky? This song is perhaps the anthem for all workouts. The lyrics are so inspiring and running can be difficult without inspiration. Eye of the Tiger will get anybody off the couch and lacing up their running shoes!


Intro- the Xx


Exercise: Crunches

While the music video for this song features a man running, I find the rhythm more suited for stomach exercises. When doing my crunches, I can go up and down to the beat and maintain an even pattern. During breaks between sets, the song can still keep me in the workout mode, especially when I do stomach last and need to stay motivated to finish my workout


22- Taylor Swift

Exercise: Alternating Deltoid Raise (Shoulders)

When everybody is asking how you got those amazing shoulders you can tell them your secret: Taylor Swift. Her pop and country ballads are usually about heartbreak and missing somebody, but this song is a breath of fresh air! Whether you are 22 or older, it’s going to be hard to refrain from singing this song out loud when working out those shoulders.


How to Be a Heartbreaker- Marina & the Diamonds

Exercise: Lunges

This song screams girl-power, which can be channeled to perform intense lunges. After doing your lunges, take a scented bath, wear your favorite heels, and go break some hearts with your incredibly toned legs.


Radioactive- Imagine Dragons


Exercise: Running

If this song doesn't make you want to kill zombies and run for your life, I don’t know what does. The dynamic song makes you focus solely on the muscles being worked and air leaving and entering your lungs. The sudden pauses keep you on the edge of your toes and when the song resumes, more powerful than before, you’ll feel the energy coursing through your body.

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Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys

Exercise: Alternate Hammer Curl (Biceps)

As a young lady, it’s a bit discouraging walking into the free weights section and standing next to a professional body builder using 120 pound dumbbells and I’m only using 5 pound dumbbells. So, I play this song to remind myself that I have to start somewhere to become the girl on fire! I no longer feel discouraged; in fact, I feel like I’m the one holding 120 pound dumbbells.


Radio- Matchbox Twenty


Exercise: Stairmaster

Oh, how I absolutely love this song! Matchbox Twenty is a band I have a deep personal connection with and also a band that I can have fun with! When on the Stairmaster, this is my first and foremost song. Climbing up stairs is a task that is not too exciting, so this song will put pep in your step with each step!

We can all agree that getting to the gym and rocking it can be difficult at times. So, it is very important to have something to motivate you to meet your goals and achieve! For many of us, that motivation comes from music and, similar to a muscle, we have to mix up the routine to continue achieving results. Hopefully these additions to your playlist does just that and

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The XX and Marina <3 All the others are awful/

Great List < Love It!

And Beyonce - Move Your Body

Radioactive and this girl on fire are on mine awesome!!!!

my b I meant that this is perffffff

My few top are pharrell's 'happy' AWOLNATION's ' burn it down' Beyoncé's 'get me bodied' onerepublic's 'march on' and 'a little party never killed nobody' off the Gatsby soundtrack

Radioactive is already on mine!

Snoop dog Sweat!

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