9 Fun Songs from Matt Kim That Should Be on Instant Replay ...


9 Fun Songs from Matt  Kim That Should Be on Instant Replay ...
9 Fun Songs from Matt  Kim That Should Be on Instant Replay ...

For six years, I have been fully mesmerized by all of the fantastic songs from Matt & Kim gracing the airwaves. Energetic and insightful in nature, this lovely and formidable duo has been fortifying their presence on the music charts with the release of every arresting single. Experiencing a large increase in booked tour dates with every album and public appearance, their impressive résumé continues to expand because of their ability to connect with their audience without losing sight of their essence. These fun songs from Matt & Kim are sure to frequent your top 10 playlists!

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It's Alright

**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
After constantly watching the intricate choreography enacted in this music video, I have no choice but to hail “It's Alright” as one of my favorite songs from Matt & Kim. This energetic tune is sure to put a grin on any face with its infectious beat and incredibly catchy chorus. I am not afraid to admit that I have no shame when it comes to dancing in public; if a great song comes on, why hide your excitement? Get up and dance – Just make sure you have a good time doing it!


Daylight Outro (Remix)

**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
I am completely obsessed with the revamped version of this original song from Matt & Kim's 2008 album “Grand.” Although it solely features a repetitious beat and chorus, you will definitely be inclined to get up on your feet and dance once you hear the amazing instrumentals! Am I the only person that finds myself shaking with unadulterated excitement at the prospect of exhilarating music?


Silver Tiles

**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
This sensational tune often invokes a feeling of joy in me because of its creative and ambiguous lyrics. I love that singer Matt speaks about his stance on friendship while comparing the experiences people face in life to receiving grades in schools. This song more than deserves a place among this list of fun tunes that should be on instant replay.


Block after Block

**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
This is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I am getting ready to head to the beach with my best pals. Take one listen and you will see that it is hard to keep your finger off of the replay button! Regardless of the amount of years that pass by, “Block After Block” will always remain relevant to me.


Where You're Coming from

**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
What would you say if I told you that the count for this song on my iTunes playlist has exceeded over 200 plays? I can't help being in awe of Kim Schifino's unique and brilliant drumming style every time I listen to this merry jam. Imagining the amount of skill that goes into playing this song live gives me goosebumps!



**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
This exquisite tune has been featured on every single playlist that I've ever made. Melodic in nature, I always find myself moved by the incredibly deep words and soothing vocals; I love that the instruments used in the song help cement the overall feeling of redemption. Each note manages to highlight and enhance the conviction found in his voice. I will never be able to get over the overall beauty of this passionate single.


No More Long Years

**On IndieFeed: **indiefeed.com
I love that Matt & Kim are not afraid to experiment with diverse genres with each album that they release. Incorporating varying genres into their music shows that they are willing to take their fans further into a gratifying listening experience. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed after listening to this incredible track!



**On Last.Fm: **last.fm
This is one of my go-to songs whenever I am looking to break away from daily stressors. I will never cease to be amazed by how relaxing this brilliant track is! It is no surprise that I am a complete sap when it comes to uplifting beats and powerful lyrics.


Turn This Boat around

**On iTunes: **itunes.apple.com
Last but not least, this song more than deserves honorable mention. I credit this band for aiding me in developing a diverse taste in music. I fell head over heels when I first heard this song; the underlying emotion in Matt's vocals are both haunting and soothing.

With their exuberant personalities and intriguing songs, you should definitely get to know this band and their delectable music. What is your favorite song by Matt & Kim? Have you ever seen them live in concert?

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Matt and Kim are wonderful!!

Haven't even read but I have to like it:)

I can't believe good ol' fashion nightmare wasn't on this list :O it's a good one:)

Never heard of them! I'm always looking to listen to bright new artists. Can't WAIT to download some!

I love love love love love love love Matt & Kim! Thanks so much for posting this! <3

What the heck where is lessons learned?!

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