7 Songs to Pump up Your Workout Playlist ...


What is about music that makes working out SO much easier?! Guest contributor Alyssa shares her favorites for a hearth pumping workout. Is your favorite on the list?

Music is constantly used as motivation for working out, but sometimes a new influx of music on our workout playlists can give us the extra boost we’re looking for. I am constantly updating my workout playlist so I never get bored while working out, just like I do with my workout routine. With the wise words by Hans and Franz from SNL: We just want to pump you up!

1. Eye of the Tiger- Survivor


Exercise: Running

Of course this list has to start off with a classic! What better way to spice up your workout than having a tribute to Rocky? This song is perhaps the anthem for all workouts. The lyrics are so inspiring and running can be difficult without inspiration. Eye of the Tiger will get anybody off the couch and lacing up their running shoes!

Intro- the Xx
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