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There really are so many songs to keep you focused. Many people think that music is a distraction when you are trying to be productive, but it’s all about what kind of music you listen to. I like to think that music can serve as more of an aid than a distraction, especially when you need that little pick me up when study sessions get really boring. So feel free to check out this neat list of songs to keep you focused while studying and let your grades improve with every beat.

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Cold Cold Heart by Norah Jones

What makes this one of the best songs to keep you focused while studying is the awesome jazzy beat. Norah Jones has become an industry legend since her grammy-winning album “Come Away With Me” back in 2002 and I find her music to be so relaxing. Even though Jones is a very talented lyricist, the thing about this song is that while I’m studying I don’t find myself listening to the words too much, just the extremely relaxing rhythm and beat.


Rocket Man by Elton John

This oldie but goodie has great piano riffs throughout and when you find yourself unable to keep up with the lyrics, just get back to studying! This song tends to relax me no matter where I am and if you give it a chance, I’m sure it will help you do the same. Beyond relaxing, this is one of the best songs to keep you focused because of its mellow rhythm. I can’t see anyone getting stressed out while listening to this tune.


Imagine by John Lennon

This somewhat sad song about world peace will keep you feeling peaceful and focused while studying. When it comes to songs to keep you focused, the key to good study habits includes staying calm. Most of the time students tend to sit down the night before an exam and look at all the information they need to learn and memorize and they naturally get stressed out. But when in doubt, turn on some John Lennon and I promise you’ll be fine.


Beautiful by India.Arie

This soulful ballad is sometimes just what you need on your playlist of songs to keep you focused while studying. Just remember that regardless of what anyone says, you will never be a number. Not a number on a scale, not a waist size or number of dates per weekend, and you especially will never be defined by your grades. You are beautiful no matter what, so let India sing you into the soulful bliss of realizing your full potential.


Never is a Promise by Fiona Apple

Aside from being a killer piano ballad, this song also has the accompaniment of a beautiful violin. Even though it can be interpreted as sad, I find this song to be very tranquil and of course calming. Which is why it can’t be overlooked on this useful list of songs to keep you focused while studying.


Alison by Elvis Costello

Just another jazzy love song? Nope, back in the day this song was a top hit amongst people everywhere. Costello’s voice is unique and can sound refreshing during those long hours of studying. And if you’re lucky enough to have your name be Alison, this can serve as that bit of encouragement you need just when you feel like giving up. But even if your name is not Alison, this will always be one of the best songs to keep you focused no matter what you are doing, but especially while studying.


Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by Bree Sharp

This Bob Dylan classic has been somewhat reworked in a beautiful indie tune that I just couldn’t bear to leave off this awesome list of songs to keep you focused while studying. If you don’t have someone close by to tell you that regardless of how you do on that test, you’re still pretty great, now you have this beautiful songstress to do it for you. Sharp oozes sensuality and peace, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do and I hope it keeps you focused during those tough times.

So what do you think of this list of songs to keep you focused while studying? Can you relate to the awful pressure so many students are under to achieve good grades and sometimes you just need to chill out? Well I hope these songs help and good luck in all your academic endeavors! But even if you’re not studying, I like to think this list can be useful no matter what you’re trying to stay focused on. Can you think of any songs I may have left out? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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Wow great

Love norah jones ..!!always classy

Love Bob Dylan.... An excellent poet and songwriter this girl did a fantastic job and her indie version


loveee John Lennon rest in peace!

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