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8 Songs That Get You Ready for a First Date ...

By Lyndsie

Listening to songs to get you ready for a first date can make you feel sexy, beautiful, excited, and confident – all of which are key factors in making the most of your date. I listen to music for inspiration no matter what I'm doing; I even have a shower playlist. Music gets me pumped and ready for whatever I'm about to do. If it does the same for you, or if you simply need a little bit of encouragement, here are some great songs to get you ready for a first date. I find them fun and exciting, but your mileage may vary so be sure to share what you listen to when you're getting ready for your first outing with someone you really like!

1 “I Gotta Feeling” – the Black Eyed Peas

This is kind of a cheesy choice, I know, but it's one of the first songs to get you ready for a first date that came to mind. This is the attitude you have to have when you're getting ready for your first date with someone you really like! If you feel like it's going to be a good (good) night, then it'll be great regardless of what happens.

2 “Kiss Me” – Sixpence None the Richer

Are you hoping for a kiss at the end of the night? This is an older song, but it's so sweet. The lyrics are pure romance; I even listen to this when I'm getting ready for a date with the Better Half, and we've been having first dates together for seven years (because each one's like the first, you know!). Give it a try, see if it doesn't make you feel enthusiastic and dreamy with stars in your eyes. Aww!

3 “Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry

I couldn't decide between “Teenage Dream” and “Firework,” but obviously chose “Teenage Dream” because, hey, what girl doesn't want to feel like that? I'm not the hugest fan of bubblegum pop, but Katy Perry is one of my guilty pleasures. Let's just say both songs would work as a confidence boost before your big first date, but “Teenage Dream” edges out into first by the slimmest margin.

4 “Blitzkrieg Bop” – Ramones

No? Just me? Can't be. This song gets you moving – especially if you (like me) are constantly running late, even for something as exciting as a date. I love listening to the Ramones on a variety of occasions, but this song just gets me going. Give it a listen when you're getting ready, it'll get you going too!

5 “Fall for You” – Secondhand Serenade

Let me first just say that if you're not familiar with Secondhand Serenade, listen. Now. Don't worry, I'll wait. Heather and I fell in love over John's music, and while this is a slower paced song, it definitely sets you up for romance. Besides, who doesn't dream of being told that “a girl like you is impossible to find”? (Just by the way, Secondhand Serenade is just as wonderful live!)

6 “Animal” – Neon Trees

This is such a sexy, upbeat song. I love Neon Trees, and while I adore the songs that never quite make it to the Top 10, this one is still one of my favorites. If you kinda wanna be more than friends, too, play this while you're getting ready. It will get you in the mood to be flirty, feisty, and maybe just a little bit risque.

7 “Sex and Candy” – Marcy Playground

Speaking of risque, this one's a throwback as well, but it's a wonderful song to listen to when you're preparing for a first date. It's sort of sexy and sensual, but fun and offbeat at the same time. Strut your stuff like you're double cherry pie and disco super fly. Your date will go wild the minute you walk out the door.

8 “Ready or Not” – Air Traffic Controller

This band's a local one, and if you haven't heard of them yet, give them a listen! Ready or not, here you come – listen to this and you can't help but have a good time. You'll meet your date with pep in your step and a little extra sway in your hips.

Listening to music before a first date – or any date for that matter – just really sets the mood. If you're feeling nervous or jittery, the right combination of songs can soothe you or take things down just enough that you strut out of the house like the confident, gorgeous girl you are. Whether you're looking to feel like a femme fatale or the girl next door, there's music for that. What's on your favorite first date playlist?

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