7 Songs from Adele That Make You See the Power of Great Lyrics ...

There is no need to argue that the songs from Adele make it to the list of the best written songs in music history. Adele is one woman who turned her heartaches into great songs. We should be really thankful to the people who hurt Adele (or those whom Adele hurt, intentional or not) because without them, I don’t think these words would have been immortalized into song. From her albums 19, 20 and 21, I chose seven songs from Adele that are just plain brilliant and makes the listener see and feel the power of great lyrics.

1. Rolling in the Deep

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There is a reason why songs from Adele have become the anthems of people who broke up with the loves of their lives. Take Rolling in the Deep for example. This masterpiece co-written with Paul Epworth is a song of force written with the very strong words of a deeply hurt human being. There is so much emotion in the lyrics that it is hard to decide by the end of the song if the girl will move on or wallow in sorrow. "We could have had it all…"

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