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Who doesn’t love some really great one hit wonders!? These songs are super popular and instantly recognisable, and yet after the fame these songs brought the bands, they really just seemed to fizzle out. Some of these bands have had other appearances in the Top 100 Charts, but these songs are still deemed to be true one hit wonders due the continuous popularity of just this one song to this day.

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Tubthumping - Chumbawamba

Not only does this rank high within one hit wonders, but it is also considered the ultimate pub song! With its simple lyrics and is-he-singing-or-is-he-just-shouting vocals, it’s a great party anthem which everyone can get involved in. This British band actually had a career that spanned across three decades (only ending in 2012), and yet after 'Tubthumping,' nothing ever really took off for them.


Never Gonna Give You up - Rick Astley

This so-bad-it’s-good song has become a phenomenon worldwide, and it seems to just keep gaining popularity! It even has its own meme! When this song was released, it was #1 in 25 countries and earned Rick Astley quite a large amount of money! In 2008, he was voted “Best Act Ever” in the MTV Europe Music Awards, and yet who can really name another Rick Astley song?


Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

This is perhaps my favourite song on this list! 'Come On Eileen,' which reached #1 in the charts, is a really fun song - it’s easy to sing along to, and it’s great at a party. However, it really turned into a one hit wonder. Dexys Midnight Runners did have another single at #1, however, strangely, no one seems to know it! Most recently, the band have shortened their name to ‘Dexys’ and released a song in 2012 called ‘She Got a Wiggle,’ which failed to hit the charts.


Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

Don’t tell me this wasn’t the anthem to your teenage years! Released in 2000, 'Teenage Dirtbag' soared to the top of the charts, and won over just about every under-25 at the time. Wheatus has continued to release music over the years, with some still charting, however none have gained them the popularity that 'Teenage Dirtbag' did.


Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Who will be surprised when I say that Survivor is still making music? They continue to tour and make music, and some of their other songs have made it quite high in the charts. However, ask anyone to name Survivor songs and 'Eye of the Tiger' is the only one they’ll be able to think of! It has become a real anthem for absolutely anyone.


I’m Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

The sibling duo, Fred and Richard Fairbrass, have sold more than 20 million CDs worldwide and have received a slew of awards for their music. But after 'I’m Too Sexy,' what really happened to them? Well, all up they’ve released 8 studio albums, as well as a greatest hits CD. I’m surprised there were enough hits to fill a whole CD!


Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor

Here’s a piece of trivia for you - the song that shot this young, short-haired beauty to fame was actually written by Prince! Even though she has continued to make music up until this day, she just hasn’t created anything as hauntingly beautiful as 'Nothing Compares 2 U.' Instead, she finds fame in other things - namely her outspoken views on organised religion, war and women’s rights.


Video Killed the Radio Star - the Buggles

Unlike a few other bands on this list, The Buggles are no longer a band. After their rise to fame with the very groovy 'Video Killed the Radio Star,' which got to #1 in 16 countries, and the release of two studio albums, they disbanded in 1981. However, since 1998 they have done a few reunion concerts, bringing back that 'Video Killed the Radio Star' nostalgia.


My Sharona - the Knack

It’s not often that bands can gain so much widespread recognition with their first ever single, but that is exactly what The Knack achieved with their 1979 hit, 'My Sharona.' They have released eight albums together, most recently in 2012, but each album continued to get lower and lower in the charts until they didn’t reach at all. At least they have 'My Sharona' to keep earning them money!


Tainted Love - Soft Cell

'Tainted Love' reached #8 in the US charts when it was released in 1981, which reverberated into their other singles, ten of which made it to the Top 40. After making four albums together, the band split in 1984, but reunited in 2001 to release yet another studio album in 2002. Despite these albums and Top 40 appearances, they will always be known for 'Tainted Love.'

Perhaps the real reason these bands are only one hit wonders is that the songs that made them famous are just so good that they simply couldn’t recreate anything of that caliber. Which, I suppose, is not necessarily a bad thing! Even when these bands have had other hits, they simply can't shake status of being a one hit wonder! What is your absolute favourite one hit wonder?

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