7 Songs about Kissing That Are Fun and Flirty ...

When you're lost in a daydream about your crush or anxious to see your partner, you can listen to songs about kissing. They'll make you crave your man (or woman) even more than you already do. If you're lucky enough to be sitting right next to your partner while you play these songs, then give them a few kisses while you listen to the tunes. Here are some catchy songs about kissing that you'll want to play again and again:

1. Hands All over by Maroon 5

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You know Maroon 5, but you may not know this song. It's about wanting someone else to put their hands on you. If you don't have anyone in mind while listening, then Adam Levine will make you pine for him. He looks gorgeous in the music video--but when doesn't he? This is one of the catchy songs about kissing you'll be singing the rest of the day.

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