7 90s Boy Bands You Pretend You Didn't Listen to ...

I was just talking to my sister about music, and we agreed that the presence of 90's boy bands made the world cheesy and mushy... and awesome. And why not? With mellow songs crooned by four or five boys (well okay, you can call the others 'men'), music really took a honeydew turn during those times. I remember singing along to those songs and thinking about my crush who didn't know I existed. If I was any good at lying, I'd have denied that I listened to 90's boy bands. But I totally suck at making up stories, so yes, I listened to them... but still, there are many of us who pretend that we didn't. Here are those 90's boy bands.

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The roll call of 90's boy bands is never complete without Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read, Ben Adams and Paul Marazzi (Paul left in 2004), who belted out: "You treat me like a rose/You gave me room to grow..." Familiar? My brother used to say, "For heaven's sake, leave the rose alone and just sing your song." I used to hate him a lot when he said that. But now, it does makes sense.

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