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I simply love the songs from India Arie because they are very uplifting; they make you feel better with yourself and the world. Songs of the kind that speak to your heart and soul are rare these days, so it's a blessing to have an artist like India Arie, who really deserves to be heard and listened to. Here are seven empowering songs from India Arie that I truly appreciate and hope you will too:

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Beautiful Flower

"There is nothing in the world that you cannot do, when you believe in you" - this song inspires you to take that leap of faith when it makes you feel good. This song is meant for all women who think they can't do it. Anything is possible when you have courage to do it. We are all beautiful flowers who can shine in different seasons and in all kinds of weather. Embrace the fact that you are beautiful because you are. A lesson like this makes me love the songs from India Arie.


The Heart of the Matter

This song was first recorded by rock singer Don Henley in 1989 and was revived by India Arie in 2006. I like India's slower version because the lyrics are spoken/sung more clearly. This soulful rendition is more touching than the original rock version and speaks to every woman who has learned to accept painful truths and has forgiven themselves.


I Am Not My Hair

We live in a world where people are quick to make snap judgments when they don't even know you. Social media makes rumors spread like wildfire and those with weak hearts can't survive bashes and harsh words. "I Am Not My Hair" is a song that invites you to look deeper and not only revel at what you can see in the surface. My favorite part is the bridge which asked a couple of questions. "Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person? Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity? I am expressing my creativity..."


A Beautiful Day

How many songs have boldly expressed what we truly feel? In this song, India Arie spoke my mind and my heart by telling me that "life is a journey, not a destination." I first heard this song when I was in a stage where I felt that I should do this and that to achieve a particular goal. I felt like I was running in a race, but this song reminded me to slow down and smell the flowers.


I Am Ready for Love

India Arie's brand of acoustic soul brings out a well of past and present emotions so it's impossible not to be moved when you listen to her songs. "I am Ready for Love" is one of those songs that makes you remember when you just decided to plunge in and make yourself vulnerable. It's scary but it's also exciting knowing that you have decided to open your heart once again after locking it behind bars for so long.


Beautiful Surprise

Another beautiful song from a beautiful person is "Beautiful Surprise". It's my first time to use beautiful three times in one sentence. I can't help it. Beautiful Surprise is the song you sing after "I am Ready to Love". You have to listen to this to know why.


Little Things

After all is said and done, after all the fancy places you traveled, and the famous people you've met and worked for; you'll realize that life's most wonderful moments are in the little things. This song relays that very lesson and why you should value all those little things.

Do you listen to India Arie? What do you think of her songs?

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I love India Irie she is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful soul.....

Why do you say that? @teenqueen

Ahhh! As soon as I saw the pic I was like yasss! India.Arie is my favorite music artist! I love her sooo much! Thank u for making this article:)

India Arie is awesome. She doesn't get the respect she deserves!

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