7 Empowering Songs from India Arie ...

I simply love the songs from India Arie because they are very uplifting; they make you feel better with yourself and the world. Songs of the kind that speak to your heart and soul are rare these days, so it's a blessing to have an artist like India Arie, who really deserves to be heard and listened to. Here are seven empowering songs from India Arie that I truly appreciate and hope you will too:

1. Beautiful Flower

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"There is nothing in the world that you cannot do, when you believe in you" - this song inspires you to take that leap of faith when it makes you feel good. This song is meant for all women who think they can't do it. Anything is possible when you have courage to do it. We are all beautiful flowers who can shine in different seasons and in all kinds of weather. Embrace the fact that you are beautiful because you are. A lesson like this makes me love the songs from India Arie.

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