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Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten was released in the later part of 2004 and became the opening theme song of the television series The Hills. But … it was only in 2007 that I fully appreciated the song when I heard it being played as background music to a shampoo commercial! I sang it in the shower (don’t ask me why!) when I felt that I was going nowhere with my life during that time. I love how the song is very universal in theme and I can still relate to it seven years after I first heard it. Here are my seven realizations from Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten:

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So Much is in Store for You

Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten talks about freedom and the beauty of the unknown. It’s a very hopeful song that tells you that there is so much in store for you only if you just stop worrying too much and live a life that is open to possibilities.


Natasha Bedingfield's hit song "Unwritten" was released in 2004 and quickly became an anthem for living life to the fullest. The song's message of embracing the unknown and being open to new experiences resonated with listeners, especially women. The song's music video, which features Bedingfield walking through a busy city while singing about the endless possibilities of life, became a popular visual representation of the song's message. "Unwritten" has been featured in numerous TV shows and movies, solidifying its place as a timeless and empowering song for women. The song's success also helped Bedingfield become the first British female artist to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with a debut single.


It’s Alright Not to Conform to Society’s Norms

I love how Bedingfield and her co-writers made this clear in the lines, “I break tradition/Sometimes my tries/Are outside the lines.” I remember being told that I would have a hard time finding a man because I am too outspoken and opinionated. “Women are supposed to be meek and gentle,” said one Aunt. Imagine how furious I was when I heard her say that. I continued to be outspoken and opinionated and guess what, dear Aunt? I found my man!


Natasha Bedingfield’s hit single “Unwritten” was released in 2004 and has since become a worldwide anthem for self-empowerment. The song’s lyrics and powerful message of self-expression resonated with listeners everywhere, and it quickly became a favorite among fans.

The song’s message is one of self-acceptance and encourages listeners to break free from the constraints of society’s norms. In the lyrics, Bedingfield sings “I break tradition/Sometimes my tries/Are outside the lines.” This line is a reminder to listeners that it is okay to be different and to not conform to society’s expectations.

The message of “Unwritten” has been embraced by many, and it has become a popular choice at karaoke bars, weddings, and other special events. It has also been featured in a variety of movies and television shows, including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Glee.

Frequently asked questions

Oh, definitely the lines 'Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you. Only you can let it in.' They perfectly capture the essence of living authentically.

'Unwritten' can totally serve as your daily mantra. Whenever you're uncertain or lacking confidence, just remember the song’s message – your future is a blank page, and you hold the pen.

Natasha wrote it for her brother's 14th birthday, can you believe it? She wanted to give him advice about the future and how he has the power to shape his own life.

The lyrics just speak to your soul, right? They're all about new beginnings and embracing the unknown. That message resonates with so many people!

Oh, it's all about living life to the fullest! It's such an inspiring song that encourages you to seize the day and write your own story.


The Best is Yet to Come

It is really true, “the rest is still unwritten”! There are several points in our lives that we feel like we are on a dead end, like we are facing a sturdy, blank wall without any hopes of finding any other route to find that pot of gold. But if you keep pushing on and acknowledge the fact that someday your hard work will be rewarded, your efforts will reap great fruits.


The key is to maintain faith in yourself and trust the process. Life's surprises often come just after the toughest challenges. Like spring after a harsh winter, new opportunities bloom. The adventures ahead could be more spectacular than anything you've dared to dream. Your narrative has chapters yet to be written, filled with potential and promise. Keep your head high, your heart open, and watch as destiny unfolds a path sprinkled with stardust uniquely for you.


It’s All up to You

I remember singing the lines, “Feel the rain in your skin/No one else can feel it for you,” and savoring every word of the song as if I wrote it myself. You define you – not other people. Your success is all up to you.


Like the song suggests, embracing the adventure of life is a solo journey. Every choice and chance taken sculpts your unique story. It's a powerful anthem that empowers us to grab the pen and author our destiny. No one else holds that power or the responsibility for the narrative of your life. It's a clarion call to cast aside doubts and seize control – to be the protagonist in your own unfolding tale. Embrace it with courage, and remember that every step forward is a direct reflection of your personal resolve and determination.


Embrace Being Different

We are all different in some unique, eccentric, weird kind of way. It’s alright to be different. Diversity makes the world go round. Imagine how boring it would be if all of us were just corporate slaves or all of us loved the arts. The world is a happier place to live in because you are in it.


Embracing our uniqueness is a celebration of individuality. Whether your quirk is a funky sense of style, an offbeat sense of humor, or an unconventional career path, own it. Your difference is your strength, and it's what sets you apart on this grand stage called life. Stand out, because in the vivid tapestry of humanity, every distinct thread is crucial. Cherish the originality in yourself and others, for it is the source of innovation, creativity, and progress. Let’s turn the volume up on what makes us peculiar and let the world dance to the rhythm of our diverse beats.


Make Mistakes

A good friend once told me that she makes the same mistake over and over again so she can gauge the level of learning that she earned after every mistake. Funny gal! While I don’t necessarily agree with her opinion, I feel that making mistakes is all part of growing up and becoming a more mature version of your younger self. The important part of this entire exercise is to LEARN FROM THOSE MISTAKES.


Certainly, there's something both humbling and empowering about realizing you're the artist of your own life's canvas, with the freedom to choose your colors through trial and error. If you smear the paint, you learn to blend it into something unexpectedly beautiful. Life is forgiving in that sense; it allows do-overs, though perhaps not without a consequence or two. But remember, those very consequences often lead to the kind of personal evolution that results in a masterpiece far more intricate and genuine than the original draft could ever have been.


Be Beautiful

This is one of those songs that has an empowering vibe to it. I stepped out of the shower feeling really beautiful (and that’s not just because I used the same brand of shampoo that had the song as a soundtrack). It makes me look forward to better times ahead. I can’t help but feel positive, and that to me is a beautiful feeling.

Are there any other songs by Natasha Bedingfield that you like?

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Normally I can't stand NB but that song (and one other) break the rule!

I love her song Freckles! It's all about imperfections and learning to embrace them. The lyrics are gold. "Because a face without freckles is like a sky without the stars/ why waste a second not loving who you are?/ Those little imperfections make you beautiful, loveable, valuable/ They show your personality inside your heart/ reflecting who you are.

Pocketful of Sunshine is another uplifting song. I loved hearing unwritten before every episode of the hills.

I remember that shampoo commercial!! I think it was Pantene! Wasn't it about a girl walking down a street or something?? That's when I first started using Pantene shampoo :) I really liked the song

Man, that was a good page to read thru. just reminds me of the good old days! (LOL). Wish I could go back to that time, loved it back then!! I Remember doing the Deed to this song 😈#BESTNIGHTOFMYLIFE. OMG, I nearly forgot to talk about how much I loved this song, made me cry so much, especially the lyrics "the rest is still unwritten" my absolute FAVE!! Also, I'd just like to take the time and thank Cris for putting all the effort into making this Amazing😁 page. Lots of Luv from all of us!! ❤️

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