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Whenever I've had a rough day and would like nothing more than the chance to unwind and relax, I listen to some piano ballads. It puts my mind right at ease and let's be real, piano ballads make up the perfect playlists when you're trying to fall asleep. So, if you're the type that goes to bed with headphones on, try swapping your usual songs for these. I guarantee you that these soothing piano ballads will make you feel super peaceful.

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"River Flows in You"

This song is probably my all-time favorite Yiruma piece. I can have it on repeat and never get tired of the lulling sound. I even tried to learn the song on my keyboard and, well, it was a lot harder than I thought. LOL! I love watching the live performance of this song because it really shows Yiruma's emotional connection to it. This is just one of the many piano ballads you should download to put your mind at ease!


"kiss the Rain"

According to lyricsmode.com, this song is about loving someone from afar. Someone who might not feel the same way about you. By "kissing the rain," you're admiring something that's showing up to the both of you. It's the same concept of admiring the same moon or stars. Of course, you don't have to relate to the song for you to love it.


"may Be"

This song is very light-hearted and enjoyable. If you listen to it while having your eyes closed, I have no doubt that this song will evoke happiness in you. It just gives you a warm and happy feeling inside! It's great.



The title of this song tells you a lot about the piece. While listening to it, your mind is so at ease that it starts to wander. It wanders to places from your past. It reminisces over all the good times you've had. It reminisces over all the obstacles you've overcome. It's such a great addition to your Yiruma playlist.



This song starts off very slowly and then begins to pick up its pace. I also love watching the live performance of this piece because I love watching Yiruma's facial expressions and movements throughout the song. He really gets into the performance and I love watching musicians do that!


"stay in Memory"

This is another one of my favorite pieces. Again, the title tells you a lot about the song. "Stay in Memory" suggests the emotion behind the piece. While listening to it, your mind will drift to distant places and you'll think of all your memories. I think this piece will be once of your favorites too! It's from his 2012 album and you can buy the song on itunes.apple.com.


"blind Film"

This piece is from Yiruma's latest album, Blind Film. You can purchase it on itunes.apple.com. There's even a music video that goes with the song and it's available on Yiruma's YouTube channel. This song is another great addition to your playlist because the soothing sounds will help you relax.

Well, there you have it. These are just seven out of many incredibly soothing piano ballads from Yiruma. If you want to buy these songs (and more), make sure to check him out on iTunes! He's got tons of albums that would be perfect for your relaxing nights.

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I looove Yiruma! My favorite piece is "He Knows My Name" and "Passing By". Beautiful!

Just went to his concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last saturday.. It was totally awesome!!

I remember doing a contemporary dance to River flows in you :) Is it possible to get his music on itunes? I love listening to piano, it's timeless 😊

They won't play when I hit the play button.

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