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This year has been so great for amazing music videos - there are so many bands getting creative and coming up with some really wonderful, quirky ideas. Though is seems like the era music videos is coming to a close, it’s still fun to take notice of them every once in a while, and some, like the ones below, really shouldn’t be ignored. These are my top 7 amazing music videos from this year (so far!)

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Paramore - Ain’t It Fun

This is, to me, not just one of the most amazing music videos this year, but of all-time. I honestly cannot think of a sweeter idea than to break 10 world records in the space of one video (including the world record for the most world records broken in a music video!) Paramore have really outdone themselves with this cute clip, and the song is pretty wonderful too.


Sia - Chandelier

This year has really seen Sia step into the spotlight. This song, combined with this film clip, have sent her skyrocketing in the charts, and it’s really no wonder! Did you know that the girl in the video is 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler, a competitor from the TV show ‘Dance Moms’? Maddie was asked personally by Sia to star in the film clip, and for good reason - she is one of the most breathtaking dancers I have ever seen.


Sigma Ft. Paloma Faith - Changing

I just really love this video due to its simplicity and its feel-good factor. Personally, I think anything Paloma Faith does is amazing, but this song and this video are especially awesome. Whenever I watch this clip and see all of the happy faces and quaint little towns, it makes me smile! Tis video really makes you feel part of the communities they visit.


Echosmith - Cool Kids

How gorgeous is lead singer Sydney Sierota’s voice!? I am in love! This band of four siblings have really made themselves known with this song, and the video is well worth a watch. It really complements what the video is about - a boy and a girl who just want to fit in. We’ve all felt like that at some point in our lives, and this video deals with the subject really nicely.


Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud

So Ed Sheeran learned to dance, and isn’t it spectacular?! Who knew he could get any more wonderful! This video is so, so simple, but adorable beyond words. I get butterflies every time I watch it! The lady who dances in the video, Brittany Cherry, is just amazing too.


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass

It’s the masterminds behind the infamous treadmill video! Each and every video OK Go create is so weird, wacky and wonderful that you can’t help but stop and look. This film clip was filmed in one continuous take and took 60 attempts over two days to get it right, but boy did it pay off!


Katy Perry - This is How We do

Last but not least is Katy Perry’s adorable video for This is How We Do. How can you watch a dancing ice cream without being happy? Katy Perry always seems to come up with the most cute and colourful videos, and this one is no exception. With a range of different crazy wigs and charming vintage outfits, Katy looks gorgeous and the video is just excellent!

I for one love watching music videos, and seeing the way different directors interpret the songs. Music videos add another depth to a song, and can really create something spectacular! What has been your favourite music video of this year so far?

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What about anaconda

Anaconda was sick beyond belief and the song itself sucks.

I'm not going to lie, the Thinking Out Loud video made me cry because it was so so so cute! I love it ☺️

I thought the video for chandelier was kinda creepy........

But I guess it's a personal taste thing

Pretty sure This Too Shall Pass was from a few years ago

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