OK Go Will Not Let You down with Their New Music Video ...


OK Go's "I Won't Let You Down" music video might be their best one yet. The inventive foursome filmed the video at Tokyo's Robot Restaurant, a 12-floor underground theater with robots roller-skating to heavy metal music. The band's bassist told Billboard, "it was the best hour of my life." LOL. The clip raises the theme of humans vs. robots while using some of the best umbrella choreography that I've ever seen! Watch the video right here:

"I Won't Let You Down" is off the band's Hungry Ghosts album, which you can now buy on itunes.apple.com! Did you like the music video?

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I'm reminded why okgo is my fave band 😊

Neat concept. The timing for it was a bit off, though. Maybe it was just an audio-video sync issue?

wow that was def cool! :-)

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