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If you're tired of songs littered with curse words and crude sexual situations, you should try listening to some older songs. A few years ago, there were some pretty romantic songs with sweet melodies. Instead of turning on the radio to listen to current music you've heard a thousand times before, explore your other options. Here are some elegant songs to listen to when you want to feel like a classy lady:

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Sway by Michael Buble

A voice like Michael Buble's is something you don't hear everyday, at least not during the twenty-first century. He sings a lovely version of this song, which is all about a man dancing with a woman. What's classier than swaying with the love of your life on the dance floor? If this tune doesn't get you moving, nothing will.


L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole

Have you ever thought about what the word "love" really means? Well, the singer will tell you what he believes each letter stands for. Get ready to squeal, because this is one of the cutest songs out there. Somehow, even the instrumental pieces are extremely romantic.

Frequently asked questions

Listening to elegant and sophisticated songs with graceful melodies and lyrics about being classy can give you the feeling of being a classy lady.

Yes, music has the power to affect your emotions and how you perceive yourself. Songs with themes of class and elegance can boost your self-esteem and make you feel more sophisticated.

Songs about classy women often feature themes of strength, grace, poise, and self-respect. They can celebrate the elegance and sophistication of being a lady.

Classy music can be found across various genres, but genres like classical, jazz, and certain styles of pop are well-known for having a more refined sound that can evoke a sense of classiness.

You can look for playlists or albums that are themed around elegance or sophistication, or search for songs that mention classiness and elegance in their titles or lyrics.


Take My Breath Away by Berlin

Listening to this song while relaxing in the tub or with a glass of wine will make you feel classier than ever. It's a sweet song that you won't be able to get enough of, especially if you haven't heard it before. Just be careful, because it could cause you to yearn after your crush more than you usually do. It'll put you in the mood for love.


Beautiful Dreamer by Bing Crosby

If you've never listened to Bing Crosby, you need to look him up immediately. He was one of the most famous singers in the 1900s, so your grandparents are probably fans of his. Even though you won't hear music like his on the radio today, you can still appreciate his voice. It's so relaxing that it could lull you to sleep.


The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is another icon that you need to listen to if you haven't already. He has a lot of hits, so you might get stuck listening to him all day long. Of course, this is one of his best tunes. Not only will it make you feel classy, but it'll make you want to finally ask your crush out on that date you've been waiting for.


Belle Note by Bill Thompson and George Givot

Remember how romantic the spaghetti scene was in Lady and The Tramp? Well, you don't have to wait until you rewatch the film to hear the song again. If you're not a fan of the original singers, then you can always look up Glee's version of the song, which is pretty impressive.


At Last by Etta James

You've heard this song before, but have you ever really listened to the lyrics? They're just as sweet as Etta James' voice. She's an incredibly talented singer, so give her music the recognition it deserves. There's nothing else like it.

The right music can change how you feel about yourself. That's why you should listen to tunes that give you the illusion of sophistication. What songs do you listen to that make you feel like a classy lady?

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Can't stand Buble.. I like Dean Martin's version better :)

2 and 7 are so beautiful.

At Last was my wedding song :)

Take My Breath Away was in my absolute favourite movie as a child, Sunes Sommar

If you find that movie with eng (or any other language) subtitles, watch it for the best moments in movie history, it displays crushes, family and summer in the best of ways!

Anyone recognise LOVE from the Parent Trap?

Belle Note...our song❤️

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