7 Country Songs for Fall That Need to Be on Your Playlist ...

Most people typically associate great country songs with summertime, but there are so many incredible country songs for fall that need to be on your playlist ASAP. Country music tells a story that few other genres can do with such artistry, not to mention it welcomes in fall like the changing of the leaves. Whether it be upbeat or slow, so many country songs for fall are perfect for snuggling up or dancing around all season.

1. Don’t Ya by Brett Eldredge

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This song has been stuck in my head for the past few weeks, which is why it is first on my list of perfect country songs for fall. It isn’t enough that Brett Eldredge has the most delicious voice ever, but this song is just so darn catchy. I dare you to listen to it on your way to class and not walk in step to it.

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