7 Classic Dance Moves for Your Disco Pleasure ...

Classic dance moves are just that: classic and never forgotten! While they may seem very outdated to some of you, these are the dance moves that will always be welcomed as a form of self-expression, no matter how goofy they might appear. Plus these dance moves are lifesavers for those who are not naturally blessed with dancing skills. So let’s explore the art of dance through some of the most well known classic dance moves that have remained with us since the start.

1. The Twist

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This is one of the classic dance moves that almost anyone can do, except of course for those with knee problems. All you have to do is twist your body from side to side! You can always add your own unique β€˜twist’ to it, but all of that comes secondary. In addition, this has to be a great ab workout from all of the torso twisting!

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