7 Albums Coming out This Fall Worth Checking out ...

There are some amazing albums coming out this fall. Every fall, I get excited and look forward to the new albums that will be gracing my headphones soon, and this year is no different. Whether you’re looking for country, pop, indie, or even dub step, you’ll find a new album to add to your collection this fall. Personally, I’m counting down the days for most of these albums coming out this fall!

1. Taylor Swift’s 1989

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I can’t imagine that there are people who aren’t excited for that pop perfection that is Taylor Swift’s 1989, however, that’s just what her first single, Shake It Off, is about. Yes, it’s not the country-pop that we’re used to, but you can’t help but get stoked to throw some awesome dance parties with your best friends to her new songs! Taylor's 1989 is definitely one of the most anticipated albums coming out this fall!

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