7 Songs to Put on Your 2014 Workout Playlist ...


2014 has brought us several incredible songs, which is why your 2014 workout playlist needs to be of the best ones yet! From your warm up to your cool down, you should stay pumped up and motivated. There’s no better way to accomplish that than with an inspirational 2014 workout playlist!

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Maps- Maroon 5


This calm, yet upbeat song by Maroon 5 is perfect to start off your 2014 workout playlist. Just as you’re beginning to stretch and mentally prepare for your workout, you’ll need some great tunes! When you’re getting in the right mindset for your workout, you’ll need a hit like this one to encourage you to keep going!


Problem- Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande’s voice is simply mesmerizing, isn’t it? And her hit song, Problem, featuring Iggy Azalea, is the perfect tune to get you into your workout! The catchy beat, paired with interesting instrumentals and incredible vocals makes this song nothing short of perfect. How can you not get pumped up with this song playing in the background?


Bounce- Iggy Azalea


Once you’re ready to dive straight into your workout, it’s time to pick up the beat a bit. Iggy Azalea’s song, Bounce is bound to do the trick! Iggy has a way of making you want to pick up the pace, which is exactly what you ought to do during the beginning of your actual workout.


Happy-Pharrell Williams


After working out at a higher intensity level, you may start to feel a bit down. Sweat is rolling down your face, fatigue is setting in, and your body is aching! That’s when Pharell’s hit song, Happy comes to the rescue! It’s just the pick-me-up you need mid-workout so that you don’t give up right before it gets good.


Turn down for What- DJ Snake & Lil Jon


When it’s the final stretch, you need to go all or nothing! Hopefully, you’ll go for the “all” option, and this song is sure to help. We’ve all heard this song on the radio, or at a recent party. It encourages us to never "turn down", and that’s the mindset you need to get in when you’re pushing through to the end of your workout.


Boom Clap- Charlie XCX


Once you’re ready for the cool down, but still want to stay active, Boom Clap is the song you want to have playing! It will guide you down from your high heart rate into a more relaxed mode, where you can begin to stretch it out. Just be warned, the song may remind you of The Fault in Our Stars, so be prepared for tears to mix with the sweat on your face!


Pompeii- Bastille


Now it's the end of your workout. You are Wonder Woman! You worked harder on this workout than on any other, and you can feel the difference. Muscles are already building, and fat is melting away. The perfect song to personify that feeling is Pompeii, by Bastille. You’ve worked hard, now it’s time for the cool down, and this song will lead you through great stretches and out the gym doors feeling confident.

Working out is never exactly easy, but it doesn't mean it has to be hard! Of course, you want to challenge your body, but as long as you're in the right place mentally, a workout can be extremely fun! The simplest way to make working out fun for both your body and brain is by listening to great music. So what songs will you add to your 2014 workout playlist?

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Mia Martina 'Devotion' is my favorite...check it out ;)

This is just music that she feels is motivating and keeps you going during a workout, don't hate on the maker of this list just cause the Songs falls exactly in your taste

All of these songs are very tacky and way too over-played, no thank you.

This should be labeled " Most annoying playlist to work out to"

Yes, yes you are

what about rihanna eminem nicki minaj? not everyone listens to shit listed above

+Celeste I agree

Doesnt fall*

No offence,but whoever wrote this post has no good taste in music

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