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There are a lot of amazing benefits of singing. Not only this is a very pleasant and fun activity but studies show that it’s also good for your health. Singing is cheaper than therapy, it’s healthier than drinking or smoking and more fun than working out, so why not try it more often? It’s an activity that will make you feel good no matter if you do it right or wrong. Here are 7 wonderful benefits of singing that will surely impress you:

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It Exercises Your Lungs

One of the most important benefits of singing is the fact that it exercises your lungs by toning up your intercostal muscles and your diaphragm. This way, you will become more mentally alert, since your sinuses and your respiratory tubes will be opened more. This is a great way to start any day and you’ll quickly notice that all your problems will magically go away.


It Will Relax You

Try singing every time you are feeling down or stressed because this pleasant and fun activity will relax you in no time. A lot of studies have shown that music can reduce anger, depression and anxiety. It helps your body release endorphins, which are in fact nature’s best antidepressant.


The Perfect Stress Reducer

This point is very closely related to the previous one and some people might even say that it’s quite similar but I still had to mention it. Singing is the perfect stress reducer. It enhances mood, it increases feelings of wellbeing, it’s uplifting spiritually and it can increase positive feelings. After all, who doesn’t feel good while they are singing?


It Boosts Your Immune System

Yes, you heard it; singing can even boost your immune system, enabling us to fight disease. A study performed by the scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany proved this theory. They tested the blood of people who sang in a professional choir, before and after a 60 minute rehearsal of Mozart's Requiem and they found that concentrations of immunoglobin A (proteins in the immune system which function as antibodies) and hydrocortisone (an anti-stress hormone) increased significantly during the rehearsal. A week later, they realized that the composition of those subjects’ blood did not change significantly when they asked them to listen to a recording of that tune without singing.


It Increases Self-Esteem

Even if it’s pretty hard to believe, apparently singing can even help you increase your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence. It evokes emotions, it provokes bonding and it increases empathy and understanding between cultures. It will make you feel good and this positive feeling will be a part of your life more often.


It Enables You to Meet More People

Whether you are singing alone or in a choir, singing will enable you to meet more people. You’ll have fun more often and you’ll experience a ton of new social experiences that will teach you a lot of great life lessons. It will also offer you numerous opportunities to give and to receive positive feedback and it promotes bonding.


It Can Help You Sleep Better

Apparently, a lot of studies have shown that the perfect cure for insomnia is, well, you guessed it, singing. A lot of recent evidence even suggests that with careful training, it can help decrease the problem of snoring since your sinuses and your respiratory tubes are opened up more when you sing.

Singing is an amazing activity! There are even studies which show that music and singing can help people to regain balance if affected by illness such as Parkinson’s Disease. That’s pretty amazing in my opinion! Do you know any other wonderful benefits of singing? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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