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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with lesser-known singers, because I’m learning that they make some of my favorite music. If you’re looking for beautiful acoustic music with even more gorgeous lyrics, these lesser-known singers will be for you. No matter whose music you fall in love with on this list, I can guarantee that you will fall in love with one these singers, whether it’s their voice, their lyrics, or somewhere in between!

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Ben Rector

You probably know Ben Rector and don’t even realize that you know his music. Sure, he's one of the lesser-known singers, but if you’ve ever watched a wedding video, there’s a high chance that his song White Dress was used in it. I personally think that he has one of the most unique sounds, so much so that I’m not even sure what genre he falls into, but that’s my favorite kind of artist. Although all of his songs are great, one of his best is undoubtedly Beautiful, and if you’re going to check any of his songs out, Beautiful must be on your list.


Ron Pope

By now, everyone has heard Ron Pope’s A Drop in the Ocean. If you loved that, checking out his other songs is necessary. A couple of my favorites from him include I’m Yours and You’re the Reason I Come Home. As much as I love his produced, in-studio songs, I think that his live versions are even more wonderful and worth checking out.


Landon Austin

Landon Austin is a recent YouTube find for me, and since finding him, I’ve made it my mission to get more people to hear his music. His song Once in a Lifetime has been used in a bunch of different wedding videos, but his other songs are just as great and need to be checked out!


Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly is another artist that you probably know but don’t know how you know. She’s also a YouTuber, and while most of her covers go viral, the biggest was her cover of Suit and Tie. It’s one of the most unique covers I’ve ever found on the Internet, but her original songs are just as amazing. A few of my favorites are Dear No One and All in My Head, but all of her songs are sure to become to hits!


Matt Nathanson

Matt Nathanson’s Come On Get Higher was undeniably a hit, yet his other songs haven’t received as much attention. I personally love Come On Get Higher, but all of his songs deserve the recognition that that song got. My personal favorite is called Angel if you’re looking for a starting point, because his discography is seemingly endless.


Daniel Merriwether

Although all of Daniel Merriwether’s songs are ridiculously good, he’s released one of my favorite songs, Cigarettes. He has one of the most unique voices you’ll find right now, and he’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet.


Chester See

I originally found Chester See’s music in 2012. I had no idea he was a YouTuber or anything of the sort. About a year later, I found his YouTube channel and put it all together. Not only is he an amazing singer, but he’s also hilarious, and he showcases all of that on his YouTube channel.

Who are some artists you think I need to check out? Leave your favorites in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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Marié Digby should be in the list! ;)

i know and love all of them ❤️

And Selah Sue!

Lights Poxleitner!

Erik Hassle :)

Chester See's buddy Tyler Ward is amazing 😍

Tori Kelly is incredibly awesome!

what about daughter?

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