7 Best Youtube Channels with Parodies of Popular Songs ...

When you’re bored, why not watch some parodies of popular songs? You’ll recognize the tunes, but hear new words that will keep you laughing. It’s a great form of entertainment that you’ll want to watch over and over. Browse these YouTube channels filled with parodies of popular songs, and then show them off to your friends.

1. Bart Baker

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Bart Baker performs parodies of popular songs like “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and a bunch of different One Direction songs. His videos have great quality and take place on sets that look just like the original videos. He even has YouTube guest stars like Kingsley, Dave Days, and Shane Dawson. If you want to listen to your favorite catchy songs with altered lyrics, you have to check out his channel. You could spend hours watching all of the various videos he's created.

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