7 Best Owl City Songs I'm Obsessed with ...

Owl City is one of those bands that is so, so happy, so peppy and so fun to listen to; I recently got to see them in concert and I loved them, so that leads me to the best Owl City songs that I'm totally obsessed with and can't stop listening to! If you've never heard of Owl City – think Oreo, because they did the cute little Oreo commercials! If you know Owl City, take a look and see if my best Owl City songs list matches up with yours!

1. Vanilla Twilight

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Oh, Vanilla Twilight. This is the very first Owl City song that I was ever introduced to and I loved it the second that I heard it! This is one of the best Owl City songs out there and it's all due to the line: the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. How great is that line? Incredible!

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