7 Best Lady Gaga Music Videos That We Absolutely Love ...

The best Lady Gaga music videos feature her flawless dancing, intricate plots, and the controversy that the star is known for. There is much more than meets the eye in Lady Gaga’s music videos because they are filled with metaphors and subtleties. Everything Gaga does, she does big, so each of these music videos are like mini movies. Although I am a fan of every music video Gaga has put out, these are the best Lady Gaga music videos that we absolutely love.

1. Bad Romance

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One of the best Lady Gaga music videos is without a doubt her smash-hit, Bad Romance. Bad Romance is the track that made Gaga a household name in the music industry and the video is just as amazing as the song. The plot of the video is that Lady Gaga is in bathhouse where she gets drugged by supermodels and auctioned off to a man. She gets her revenge when she kills her captor in bed. Gaga said that the video shows, “how the entertainment industry can, in a metaphorical way, simulate human trafficking – products being sold, the woman perceived as commodity.” The edgy video was highly acclaimed and remains as iconic as the song itself.

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