8 Bands You Should Be Listening to Now ...

If you're like me, you're always on the look out for new music and bands you should be listening to now. This is a great list of a few hot new bands you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

1. The 1975

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A band I’m sure you’ve heard of but, if not, a major band you should be listening to is The 1975. This group of four young gentlemen from Manchester has an album full of the most adorable songs. Their first single is called ‘Chocolate’. Seriously! It doesn’t take much more than naming a song after my favorite thing to get me to pay attention! The point, though, is that they held my attention and the attention of many fans all over the world. I recently saw these guys live and, I’ve got to say, they put on a fun show! Though their music is alternative in nature, there are clear funky, soulful influences. Their debut album, The 1975 is beautifully catchy and playful. There is just enough late 80s - mid-90s style pop to keep things catchy.

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