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My current obsession is electronica bands. I love all types of electronica whether it is synthpop, trip hop, dance-punk, and everything in between. There are thousands of great electronica bands out there, but these 7 are my current favorites. If you don’t already have these electronica bands on your iPod, it is time to get to downloading!

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The Faint

The Faint is one of the electronica bands you need on your iPod. One thing that sets them apart from the rest is that they have indie rock and post-punk influences in their music. The Faint have been making music for nearly 20 years! My personal favorite tracks are “Southern Belles in London Sing,” “Paranoiattack,” and “Agenda Suicide" (featured in the video above).


Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles is an experimental electronica band that you absolutely need to have on your iPod. Their sound is lo-fi and their stage shows are electric. Their sound is unique and many of their albums have been critically acclaimed. If you are listening to Crystal Castles for the first time, I suggest listening to these tracks: “Celestica" (featured in the video above), “Crimewave,” and “Alice Practice.”


Passion Pit

Passion Pit is best known for their hit, “Sleepyhead" (featured above). Since then, they have recorded songs for movies and toured the world with Muse. Alongside their electronic sound, Passion Pit also has indie influences, creating a great, original sound. Apart from “Sleepyhead,” check out their songs “I’ve Got Your Number” and “To Kingdom Come” to see the best of what Passion Pit has to offer.


Purity Ring

Purity Ring is an electronica and synthpop duo from Canada. Although they just got signed in 2012, Purity Ring is already making waves in the music industry. Check out the song above, “Fineshrine” as well as their tracks “Obedear” and “Keep Me in Your Chest.” You will love having Purity Ring on your iPod!



Grimes began experimenting with electronic music in college and it wasn’t long before she established her presence in the underground music scene. She released her first album in 2012 to much admiration from fans and critics alike. Grimes is one of the most original artists on this list as she combines several different musical styles in her work. You can hear hip hop, industrial, and even medieval music in her songs. I’m obsessed with her tracks, “Genesis" (the song in the video), “Crystal Ball,” and “Vanessa.”



M83 was formed in 2001 in France and the band has been making music ever since. They chose their name after the galaxy M83 (which I think is so perfect for a synthpop, electronica band). M83 has toured with big names such as The Killers and Kings of Leon. They also have a track on the new Divergent soundtrack called “I Need You.” Besides the new film track, check out “Midnight City" (featured above) and “Couleurs.”



Phantogram is an electronica duo with rock influences. They describe their sound as “street beat, psych pop” and really, it couldn’t be described any better. Their tracks feature lots of synth, dreamy vocals, and guitars. Phantogram has played at many musical festivals including Coachella and Lollapalooza. You’ve gotta listen to these tracks: “Fall in Love" (featured above), “Futuristic Casket,” and “You Are the Ocean.”

I love the unique sound created by each of these electronica bands. I love the way electronica music can make you get up and dance or soothe you into relaxation. Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite bands with you, I want to hear from you! Who are your favorite electronica bands? Share with us in the comments section so we can all start downloading!

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Yes! Love Crystal Castles!

I love this!!! Thank you

And all the other bands are great but CC is my favorite

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