7 Songs 🎧 to Send Your Crush 💑 so He'll Get the Hint 😉 ...


If you're struggling to figure out a way to tell your crush you like him, you can send him a YouTube video.

Let your favorite singer tell him how you feel, so you don't have to tell him yourself.

Sure, it's risky, but at least it'll let him know how much you like him.

Here are a few songs you can send your crush so that he gets the hint:

1. Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has a song for every type of crush.

However, unless you're a huge fan, you might not have heard this one before.

It's about meeting someone you're attracted to, and wondering if he already has a girlfriend or if he's single.

If you've ever hit it off with someone during your first conversation, then you'll know exactly how Taylor feels.

2. Is There Somewhere by Halsey

This song has lyrics like, "I'm trying not to let it show that I don't want to let you go" and "I'm sorry, but I fell in love tonight.

I didn't mean to fall in love tonight." If you didn't mean to catch feelings for a certain someone, but it ended up happening anyway, then you know exactly what she feels like.

3. I Really like You by Carly Rae Jepsen

You know Carly from her hit song, Call Me Maybe.

Of course, that's not the only catchy song she's created.

This one is just as much fun to sing.

It's about a girl with a crush on a cute guy.

Like the title suggests, she really really really really really really likes him.

4. Falling for You by Colbie Caillat

This is a sweet song about falling for a guy.2

The singer isn't sure if she should keep her feelings to herself or if she should admit that she has a crush.

Even though she's worried about being rejected, she's sick of keeping everything bottled up.

After all, she just wants to be with him.

When I See You by Fantasia
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