7 Songs from Instant Star That I Still Listen to ...


Please tell me I'm not the only one who still listens to songs from Instant Star.

It was probably my all-time favorite TV show.

It aired on The N (which is now known as Teen Nick) and I was obsessed with it.

It revolved around a young singer/songwriter who won a talent competition and just like that, was catapulted into superstardom.

Each week, a new song was featured and it was just amazing.

The lyrics in these songs are beautiful, I still can't get enough of these songs from Instant Star!

1. Skin

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

I think this song will always be relatable to people.3

It's a song of pure heartache and betrayal.

We've all been there, and Jude Harrison sings what we're all thinking.

We all have that one person who just manages to get under our skin with all their lies, and this song will help you work through that.

I honestly think this is such a beautiful song.2

It's one of my favorite songs from Instant Star.

2. I Don't Know if I Should Stay

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

Close your eyes and just listen to this song.

I promise you that it'll take you to another place.

It's about being in a situation where you don't know what's best, staying or going.2

That kind of situation is always tough.

This song talks about exactly what you're thinking during those moments.

I love it so much!

3. Your Eyes

On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com

This is just a beautiful love song.

It's about getting lost in someone else.

After all, the eyes are the window to the soul, right?

You can just stare into someone's eyes and know everything you need to know.

The lyrics include, "Your eyes are holding up the sky, your eyes make make me scared to tell the truth- I thought my heart was bulletproof."

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