7 Workout Songs That Will Seriously Get You Pumped ...


Nothing gets me more motivated to go to the gym and work out more than a good playlist of workout songs. My favorite genre of music to workout to has got to be EDM, but I also enjoy some pop, hip hop and even rock music. Here are only a few of my favorite workout songs!

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"We Can Make the World Stop" by the Glitch Mob

This song is one of the best workout songs because the drop is so amazing and intense. If you enjoy Electronic Dance Music, definitely download this song to your workout playlist. The Glitch Mob has many great workout songs. Their unique style will make you feel so powerful and strong. It is bound to push your workout to the next level. Check them out and see for yourself!


"Lights" by Klaypex

"Lights" is the song that made Klaypex blow up and I'm not surprised why! Klaypex is an up and coming EDM band that is so perfect to work out to. Their drops are super intense and will be sure to push you further in the gym. Give this band a listen and you will not be disappointed.


"Dark Horse" by Katy Perry Feat. Juicy J

"Dark Horse" is the song that is currently taking over every radio station in America. This song is definitely unique. It doesn't fail to motivate me in the gym! I'm definitely guilty of hearing this song on the radio and instantly blasting it in my car. This is a must on your workout playlist.


"Happy" by Pharrell

"Happy" by Pharrell pumps me up for the simple fact that this song legitimately makes me feel happy! It somehow instantly puts me in a good mood, which sort of motivates me to work out or push myself at the gym. I think the word "jolly" best describes this song and how it makes me feel! This belongs on your workout playlist.


"Drunk in Love" by Beyonce Feat. Jay-Z

The power couple has done it again and you know I can't help but love it. "Drunk in Love" is such a great song with two of the greatest artists in the music industry! I have been obsessed with this song since the day it came out and still can't get over it. This needs to be on your workout playlist!


"I Walk Alone" by Klaypex

Another amazing EDM song by Klaypex called "I Walk Alone" is a must on your workout playlist. The production, melody, drop and everything else about this song are pure perfection. This is a perfect workout song that always gets me pumped and ready to go! Check it out!


"Wizard" by Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway

Martin Garrix has been very successful with his first hit, "Animals," which is a great workout song on its own. Recently, though, he released another great track, "Wizard," which is the same style as "Animals" and just as great. I love the twist to this song, there is a build up, a melody, a drop and so many different parts that surprise you. It is a great song to work out to!

That sums it up for my 7 amazing workout songs that you need to add to your gym and workout playlists! What are some songs you love working out to? Share them in the comments below!

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Chase and status - alive

Any upbeat fall out boy song. Or generally rock for me

Another good one is 'club can't handle me' flo rida !

"Light em up" by fall out boy is pretty great too :)

For my glutes aka butt, I play "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo. I know it's weird but it motivates me to work for that behind I don't have I also work out to "Morning After Dark" by Timbaland, Soshy & Nelly Furtado, "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor, "Zumba" by Don Omar and many more

Wizards is literally the best

Selfie by the chain smokers 😬

I like to run to chromeo's ' fancy footwork' AWOLNATION's 'burn it down' and 'a little party ain't never kill nobody' off the great gatsby soundtrack.

the key, the secret by Urban Cookie Collective!

Wake me up by avicii

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