7 Songs by Lee MacDougall That You Have to Listen to ...


There are some songs by Lee MacDougall that are just brilliant.

I love this up-and-coming artist for his catchy rhythms, great lyrics and versatility.

He doesn’t sing about the same topic over and over again which I like.

Check out these songs by Lee MacDougall and you might just find yourself singing along in no time!

1. All the Wrong Places

After her fiancé leaves her at the altar, the woman in this song seems to search for love “in all the wrong places” and begins to place her trust “in all the wrong faces.” It’s a heartfelt song about being hurt and trying to heal.

I think you should listen to this song by Lee MacDougall because it’s different than the other songs we have floating around the music world right now.

It’s relatable and real.

2. Joanna

“Joanna” talks about a bad break-up and the aftermath as you try to keep things from falling apart.2

I like how Lee makes the analogy between the sickness of the break-up to a diagnosable disease.

It’s creative.

3. The Star Hotel

This catchy song is great to sing on repeat.

It’s from Lee’s first album, “If Walls Could Talk.” He talks about the ‘Star Hotel,’ a place unlike anywhere else I know of.

I enjoy this song because of its uniqueness.

It makes me actually want to be at the Star Hotel sometimes.

How about you?

Would you go there?

4. London in the Summer

Lee sings about England in “London in the Summer.” He paints a beautiful picture of what the city looks like on those rare, warm days of summer.

I happened to be in London this past summer on one of those gorgeous days and I can’t tell you how accurate the lyrics were.

It’s definitely a rare gem.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

A Girl in New York
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