A Complete 💯 List of the Coolest 😎 Cover Songs 🎤 Ever ...


Cover songs are a crap shoot.

Forever compared with the originals, you'll always have dissenters and purists who prefer the original versions of songs.

That's often entirely founded.

However, sometimes a cover song comes along that's so magically good, you can't help but love it – sometimes even more than the OG version.

These are some of the top covers ever created – with, admittedly, a few of my personal favorites tangled in there somewhere.


I never claimed to be an unbiased writer, stalkers.

1. Sleeping at Last, “Chasing Cars”

This cover version of Snow Patrol's yearning, pleading love song is the initial inspiration behind this post.

Sleeping at Last is worth a listen no matter what, but Ryan O'Neal's voice taking on this tune is just beyond.

2. Johnny Cash, “Personal Jesus”

Johnny Cash had a gift for taking popular songs and making them entirely his own.2

Very often, his versions are better than the originals.

That's true for “Personal Jesus,” and I say that as someone who loves Depeche Mode.

3. Johnny Cash, “Hurt”

This, however, is arguably the most popular and well-known Cash cover.

Even Trent Reznor is enamored with Johnny's version of his desperate ode to numbness.2

4. The Shins, “We Will Become Silhouettes”

The Postal Service has such a distinctive sound that any cover poses a risk.

The Shins took this song and made it a little folky, which shouldn't work at all, but man, it really does.

5. Iron & Wine, “Such Great Heights”

Iron & Wine's take on The Postal Service strips away the hip digital quality of the original and gives it a dreamy sweetness that kind of tugs at the heart strings.

6. Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides Now”

On the surface of things, “Both Sides Now” is typically taken as a Joni Mitchell original, probably because she sings it like it should be.

Judy Collins sang the original and it was certainly a hit, but nowhere near as iconic as Joni's version.

Bright Eyes, “Devil Town”
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