7 Ways Music Impacts Your Life beyond Your Headphones ...


There are many ways music impacts your life. Music isn’t just something that we listen to when we are in our cars or waiting between classes; it is a lifestyle. Music is perhaps one of the most honest and moving experiences we have as human beings. Here are 7 of the biggest ways music impacts your life beyond your headphones.

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One of the biggest ways music impacts your life is by creating friendships. Music is a bonding experience and we typically keep friends that like the same music as we do. Going to concerts, having sing-alongs in the car, and sharing new bands with people is one of the best ways to form relationships.



Your sense of fashion is another way music can impact your life. It’s always fun to wear a band tee to show the world who you listen to. It’s a way to let the world know a little something about yourself without even talking. Sometimes our personal style is affected by music more than just by sporting a band tee. Sometimes we emulate the style of our favorite singers, musicians, genres, and bands.



Music is an activity in itself. Some people find joy just sitting at home alone listening to music. Its impact can extend beyond this however, and influence what you do when you’re not at home. This can include going to concerts, joining a choir, or playing an instrument. Music is a great way to connect with the world and these activities will enrich your life with new experiences.



Music can even impact your personality. You may find yourself relating to a song so much, you make it your life mantra. Perhaps you admire a famous musician and adopt their message, beliefs, or ideas into your own life. Music is an experience that can shape our lives in unexpected ways. You may just find a song, artist, or genre that changes your life entirely!



One of the most obvious ways music can impact our personality is through our lingo. No one said, “YOLO” until Drake sang it in his song “The Motto.” This is just one obvious example, but it shows that music has the potential to change the way we speak and even make an impression on the world.



Music has a way to make us experience emotions unlike anything else. Everyone has felt joy or sadness and possibly even fear or anxiety while listening to a song. A good song conveys feelings and emotions through the lyrics and music. It’s amazing how we can get emotional over a song even if the subject matter doesn’t pertain to our own lives.



Music can cause a physical response as well as an emotional response. It may be just a simple tap of the foot or something as obvious as getting up and dancing. Few things in life have the ability to evoke a physical response just through words or sounds.

Music is a powerful experience that can literally change your life. Although not everyone will be influenced by music in these exact 7 ways, chances are you have been affected by more than just a couple of them. What are some experiences you have had with music that have impacted your own life? Give us your stories in the comments section.

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