7 Tokio Hotel Songs That You've Gotta Listen to ...


I love listening to Tokio Hotel songs. Tokio Hotel is from Germany and sings in both German and English. When I saw Tokio Hotel in concert in 2008, it was an incredible night of fantastic, fast-paced music that I’ll never forget. These are some of my favorite Tokio Hotel songs that you’ve gotta check out!

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World behind My Wall

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This Tokio Hotel song is incredible because it addresses the world beyond the walls that we set up for ourselves. You may be stuck in a rhythm of thoughts that bring you down time and time again. I like how this song brings awareness to that and challenges you to see the world beyond those thoughts. The rhythm is great for cranking up in your car and singing along!


Ready, Set, Go!

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Apart from the great lyrics in this song, I can’t help but think of using it as the perfect Zumba song. It’s very motivating! The lyrics talk about how the world around you may be changing but to run and you’ll make it. The line “Don’t you turn around” makes me think of the timeless adage, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” I personally really love this song by Tokio Hotel and think you will too!


Don’t Jump

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The lyrics of the song “Don’t Jump” chill me to the bone. It’s powerful. The song addresses suicidal thoughts, beginning with someone on a rooftop looking at the city around them. “The eyes of the city / are counting the tears falling down. / Each one a promise / of everything you never found.” This song comforted me during a darker period in my life and I look back at it now with the hope of the line: “Just take my hand. / Give it a chance. / Don’t jump.”



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Listen to the song “Automatic” off Tokio Hotel’s album “Humanoid.” The song talks about the automatic love between two people even though they aren’t right for each other. The refrain sings about the fact that “there is no real love in you” but that “it’s automatic” loving you. I like this song about relationships because the singer knows that it’s not right to love them but they do anyway.



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Tokio Hotel is well-known for their song “Monsoon.” I like listening to this song when I’m in the mood to sing because it’s great to sing along to. “Running through the monsoon / beyond the world, / to the end of time.” Check out their song “Monsoon” on their album “Scream” and you might just find yourself dancing along to the beat in no time!


Forgotten Children

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“Forgotten Children” talks about homeless kids on the streets who have been forgotten by nearly everyone. I like this song because it shows that the children can feel the pain of being left on the streets alone but are too young to know what to do about it. I haven’t heard to many songs about the homeless so I find this one unique. You can find the song on their album “Scream.”


By Your Side

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Yet another song on Tokio Hotel’s album “Scream,” “By Your Side” is great! I play this song when I’m feeling lonely and need to be reminded I’m not alone. I know from my own life how isolating it can feel when you think no one is on your side. The reason I like this song is because it offers the hope that someone will be there by your side to “hold you when you reach for me.” You just need to be willing to let them in.

Tokio Hotel has some great music out there and even another album on the way after a hiatus. What is your favorite Tokio Hotel song? Who is your favorite band member?

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Monsoon. ❤️ "when i loose myself, i think of you."

Thank you for writing this!! XD "World Behind My Wall" Emma Park's Remix is also really good & "Hey You!" as well.

Oh my gosh I haven't listened to them for a while! but jamming to them now :D

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