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If you are a fan of music, then you probably know about these great a cappella groups. A cappella is where you sing a song, but use your mouth to make instrumental sounds. Movies like “Pitch Perfect” and shows like “The Sing-Off” have make a cappella groups more popular recently. In fact, many of these groups gain their popularity from “The Sing-Off.” No matter how they became popular, here are some great a cappella groups you need to check out ASAP.

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I have an obsession with almost all a cappella groups, but the Pentatonix are probably my favorite. They will take even the simplest of songs and turn it into a work of art. They like to take it a step further and mash up songs to create music evolutions. It is incredible the sound they can produce considering they only have 5 people in their group.


Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser always shows up on my Pandora stations and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This entirely male a cappella group has covered ton of songs. My personal favorite of theirs is the “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “I’m Yours” mashup. They have a mature and rounded out sound that is sure to mesmerize you.



I fell in love with the Beelzebubs when they appeared on “The Sing-Off” but when I found out they were the voice behind Glee’s Warblers, I was hooked. They provided the tracks for all of the Warblers, besides Blaine, all while still attending college. They are from Tufts University and have traveled all around the world, signing in places like Singapore, Paris, and Thailand.


On the Rocks

Like most of the other a cappella groups on this list, On The Rocks is a collegiate team who competed in the show “The Sing-Off.” They are from University of Oregon and have a ton of viral videos that show off their awesome singing and dancing skills. After recording themselves singing “Bad Romance” and posting it on YouTube, their video hit 7 million views, and they became an a cappella sensation.


Street Corner Symphony

There is a ton of collegiate a cappella groups out there, so when group of adults come out with a unique a cappella sound, I am always impressed, Street Corner Symphony comes out of Nashville, Tennessee and has a more mature sound than collegiate groups. They have background in gospel, rock, pop, and even barbershop, which is maybe why they were runner-ups in “The Sing-Off.”



I am a sucker for a man who can sing, and a man in a suit. Somehow the Wiffenpoofs, from Yale University, managed to combine those two things and created one of the top collegiate a cappella groups in the nation. They combine the classic choral sound with a modern twist that is all their own. And they are the oldest a cappella group in the nation.


The Barden Bellas

So I know they are not technically a “real” a cappella group, but I love these aca-bitches. I would be lying if I said I didn’t listen to their ICCA finals routine on a weekly basis, but I can help loving how much energy they put into that song and how they combined a ton of new and old songs together to create one giant mash-up.

Whether a cappella is for your or not, there is no denying that these groups have some serious talent. They create entire songs using only their voices and it creates a unique and fantastic sound. What did you think of these great a cappella groups? Are there any other great a cappella groups that you are obsessed with? Do you love a cappella or do you like to stick to more traditional music?

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Straight no chaser are awesome.

I love pentatonix!!!! :)

How did Take 6 not make this list???

The Xtension Chords are lovely also :)

Pentatonics are amazing

Pentatonix :)

The Exchange :)

Pentatonix ?

The Bellas don't count the fictional people

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