This '1989' Mash-up is so Good It's Even Got Taylor Swift Obsessed ...


Louisa Wendorff, a Nashville-based singer, got the holiday treat of a lifetime: getting noticed (and praised) by the musician whose song you're covering! Just before Christmas, Louisa and her buddy Devin Dawson teamed up to make a mesmerizing mash-up of Taylor Swift's '1989' tracks, "Blank Space" and "Style." The two reinvented the tune and gave it their own personal, folky flare. It's SO good that Taylor Swift herself shared the video's link on Twitter with the words "OBSESSED" written. After watching the cover, the feeling will be be mutual!

What'd you think? If you love it as much as I do, go follow Louisa (@LouisaWendorff) on Twitter, NOW! You can also purchase her "Arrow" EP, which recently climbed up the iTunes singer-songwriter charts and landed at #4, just below Ed Sheeran!

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Already saw this and I'm OBSESSED also

Luv luv luv amazing!


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