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The most watched music videos of 2014 were all videos to songs that exploded on the charts. These artists know the importance of making their videos entertaining, ones that people will never get tired of hitting the "replay" button to. I'll admit, I've probably watched the music videos on this list way more than I should have! Here are the most watched music videos of 2014:

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Dark Horse

At 752.4 million views, Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video tops the list of most watched music videos of 2014! It was released back in February and is definitely one of the singer's most popular videos. Did you know that the video even stirred up some serious controversy? Just a few weeks after its release, the video had been altered to please the demands of a few Muslim petitioners who had slammed the video as blasphemous. Could this be why it got so many views?



Enrique Iglesias made a big comeback in the summer of 2014. He released the music video to his single "Bailando," which also featured Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona! The video was uploaded back in April and managed to rack up approximately 639.5 million views. Not too shabby, right?!


Can't Remember to Forget You

Shakira's provocative music video for her collaboration with Rihanna is one of the most talked about/watched videos of 2014. The song was EVERYWHERE for months and it's easy to see why! The catchy beat was supported by an eye-grabbing music video, which brought in 456.3 million views.


All about That Bass

It's safe to say that 2014 was all about Meghan Trainor. The singer had one of the biggest singles and it seemed like her music video for "All About That Bass" just kept racking up more and more views. The video was released in June which was perfect timing for the song to become everyone's summer anthem. So far, the video has 451 million views!


La La La

Yup, Shakira made the list for most watched videos twice! Her "La La La" video, which features Brazilian singer Carlinhos Brown, was an anthem for the Brazilian-hosted World Cup. The video has 433.4 million views and as much as I love Shakira, I have no shame in saying that I've watched this video countless times to see Neymar and Messi's cameos.



Even if you didn't really understand the hype behind this song, the music video has 432.1 million views! It really put Jason Derulo back on everyone's musical radars but I hope 2015 is filled with the beautiful lyrics he usually writes.


Shake It off

Even though Taylor was the most-talked about musician of 2014, she surprisingly did not have the most watched video. Her video for "Shake It Off" earned her the #7 spot. It has 431.5 million views and has definitely been one of her most successful singles.



Sia's "Chandelier" music video features Maddie Ziegler, a crazy talented dancer. The video has 420.7 million views, earning the #8 spot on the list.



Iggy Azalea's Clueless-inspired "Fancy" music video turned her and Charli XCX into massive stars. The song dominated the airwaves for weeks on end, getting stuck in everyone's minds. With 416 million views, it's one of the most watched videos of 2014!



Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" video had people talking for weeks! But, in Nicki's defense, if you got it, flaunt it, right? The video racked up 354.8 million views!

Well there you have it! These are the most watched music videos of 2014. Were you surprised to any of these on the list? What was your favorite music video of 2014?

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