15 Hotly Anticipated Album Releases in 2015 ...


There are so many 2015 album releases to get excited about. As a music enthusiast, nothing makes me happier than new material! These fifteen 2015 album releases are just some of many hotly anticipated ones.

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Meghan Trainor, Title

Meghan Trainor, Title With "All About That Bass" being as successful as it was, Meghan definitely made her mark on 2014. She earned multiple Grammy nominations - record and song of the year - and had the #1 spot on iTunes for eight consecutive weeks. This was all without even releasing an album! Impressive, right? Meghan's debut album "Title" will be released on Jan. 13 and I wouldn't be surprised if she nabs the number one spot! This is just one of the many 2015 album releases to be excited about.


Drake, Views from the 6

Drake, Views from the 6 Although Drake's new album doesn't have a release date just yet, Views From the 6 is slated for the spring! The Toronto rapper gave fans a taste at his new tunes when he surprise-released three new tracks. There's no word if those tracks will end up on the album's final track list but here's hoping! The photo above is not the official album artwork - it's just the image that was used for the three song releases. Are YOU excited for Drake's new album?


Fifth Harmony, Reflection

Fifth Harmony, Reflection Harmonizers, this one's for you! It's been a struggle dealing with TWO album push-backs, but Fifth Harmony's Reflection is almost out! The girls, who were formed on The X Factor, have proven time and time again that they're the ones to watch. They debuted new songs while on tour with Austin Mahone and those tracks alone have got me insanely excited for the release for their debut album. Reflection will be released on Jan. 27!


Lil Wayne, the Carter V

Lil Wayne, the Carter V The Carter V was initially slated for an Oct. 28, 2014 release but was pushed back for an early 2015 one. In case you didn't know, Wayne's claimed that this album will be his last-ever release. In turn, the hype around it is VERY high. Let's see how it turns out! Are you excited for it?


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Say what you want about Justin Bieber but you can't deny the fact that he is indeed talented. This past year was full of non music-related headlines about him but 2015 is when that changes. Justin's promised new music and has assured fans that the break will be worth it. There's no release date just yet but he's reportedly told fans that he's thinking of releasing it around his birthday in March. This album will be his first since 2012's Believe!


Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson is finally releasing some new music this year! On Twitter, she told fans: "I'm so proud of my next album! Might have a special guest… Doesn't come until early next year." There's no say on who that special guest is just yet but I'm very excited to find out! Kelly's been one of my favorite musicians for years!


Coldplay, a Head Full of Dreams

Coldplay, a Head Full of Dreams Coldplay always makes it feel like Christmas when they release a new album but could this new one be their last? In early December, frontman Chris Martin opened up about the band's "final" project: "The way we look at it, it's like the last Harry Potter book or something like that. Not to say that there might not be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something." Fingers crossed that this band NEVER stops making music!


Fall out Boy, American Beauty/american Psycho

Fall out Boy, American Beauty/american Psycho Fall Out Boy is about to change the game, again, with their new album American Beauty/American Psycho. The band has already released three tracks from the album and will HOPEFULLY announce a supporting tour. Back in November, FOB's Patrick Stump tweeted: "Some people will love it. Some people will hate it. The four of us like it a lot, so we're happy."


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Demi hasn't released an album since her 2013 self-titled one and I don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit impatient! However, her manager has assured fans that Demi's got a new album coming this year. In October of 2014, he told Billboard: "She's already done some songs, but certainly the majority of it will kick off next year."


Ne-Yo, Non-Fiction

Ne-Yo, Non-Fiction Ne-Yo is such a great musician/entertainer and that's why I get so excited every time he announces a new album! He's already released three singles -- "Money Can't Buy" featuring Jeezy, "She Knows" featuring Juicy J, and "Religious/Ratchet Wit Yo Friends" -- and performed a fourth song with Pitbull, "Time of Our Lives," during Pitbull's NYE event. His album is set to hit iTunes on Jan. 27!


Mark Ronson, Uptown Special

Mark Ronson, Uptown Special Mark Ronson's "Uptown Special" is definitely headed for success. I'm sure you've heard (and fallen in love with) the hit single "Uptown Funk," that features Bruno Mars! On January 13, you can buy Mark's album to see other cool features like Stevie Wonder and Kevin Parker!


Sleater-kinney, No Cities to Love

Sleater-kinney, No Cities to Love After a 10-year hiatus, Sleater-Kinney is releasing their eighth release, No Cities to Love. The group was founded in the mid-'90s and is definitely a band you need to listen to if you haven't already. The album will be released on Jan. 20!


Gwen Stefani and/or No Doubt

Gwen Stefani and/or No Doubt When talking to MTV News in September, Gwen Stefani promised new music. In fact, we could be getting a solo project AND a new No Doubt one! "At this point, I'm thinking about both, I can do both," she said. How amazing would that be?


Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding Ellie hasn't released a new album since 2012's Halcyon and I'm so happy that 2015 is the year of new music for her. "The only big thing coming up for me now is my third album, which won't be out until next year," she said in November. "Everything is going into that."


One Direction

One Direction Yes, I know that One Direction JUST released Four. No, they haven't announced any album plans for 2015. However, if you follow the logic of the band's release schedule so far — Up All Night (November 2011), Take Me Home (November 2012), Midnight Memories (November 2013) and Four (November 2014) — it's safe to say that they'll be releasing their fifth studio album this November. So get excited about that! You can never have enough new music from 1D, right?

Of the list, which new album are you most excited for? These are just of the most buzzed-about album releases for this year but there are SO many more. Can you think of any to add to the list?

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Marina and The Diamonds new album 'FROOT' & Lana Del Rey's 'Honeymoon'.

I agree with gabi. Froot is a new one. I love eveyone except ne yos nonfiction i just hate that album for some reason

Hopefully Two Door Cinema Club are going to release an album this year, much excitement.

Justin Bieber released an album called Journals in 2013, get your facts right

Sheesh Kelly no need to be rude.

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