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7 anti-Suicide Songs to Give You Strength to Survive ...

By Holly

No matter what your brain tells you, you're a valuable human being. Even when you feel like you have nothing left to live for, you have to keep trucking along. Somewhere down the road, things will get a little brighter and you'll be thankful that you persevered. Here are the most inspirational anti-suicide songs to give you strength to survive:

1 All around Me by Flyleaf

Flyleaf has tons of inspirational music that will make you happy to have a place on this planet. The best part of this song is the chorus, when she simply says, "I'm alive." She'll start making you see your life as a blessing, instead of as a punishment. If you ever need to be lifted up, this song will help you gain a bit of positivity.

2 Hold on Till May by Pierce the Veil

If you've ever been suicidal, you'll be able to relate to the female part of this song. Just a warning: it may make you cry a bit, because her words are so spot on. Of course, that doesn't mean that Vic Fuentes isn't just as nice to hear. He's the one who tries to comfort his friend, and even if you don't have someone in your life like him, you should believe his words.

3 Jumper by Third Eye Blind

You've probably heard this song before. It's easy to ignore the lyrics and focus on the upbeat tune, but it's time to pay attention. The words are actually incredibly inspirational. It's all about a man who is trying to convince his friend to step back from a ledge. Life is too precious to give up.

4 Hold on by Good Charlotte

The words in this song are spot on: "Hold on if you feel like letting go. Hold on, it gets better than you know." What more needs to be said? Like Good Charlotte will tell you, tons of other people have been in similar situations to yours, which means you all have the strength to get through it.

5 Never Too Late by Three Days Grace

You're never too old to follow your dreams. You're never too depressed to become happy again. It doesn't matter how bad your life has become, because you'll always be able to change it. It's never too late.

6 The Last Night by Skillet

This song is perfect for anyone who has been having trouble with their parents. It will remind you that you're never alone, even if you feel like everyone is against you. Maybe you have a best friend, maybe you have a pet, or maybe you just have this song--but no matter what, you're not alone.

7 Tourniquet by Evanescence

The very first line of this song is inspiration enough: "I tried to kill the pain, but only brought more." That means that cutting, burning, and suicide won't make you feel any better. You need to deal with your pain in a healthy way, and then you'll finally find peace within yourself.

Music can soothe your soul, which is why you should put on your headphones whenever you're feeling low. The right tune could change your entire attitude and help you remember that you have a special place in the world. What song has given you the strength to get through your toughest times?

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