7 Songs to Get You in the Mood ...


7 Songs to Get You in the Mood ...
7 Songs to Get You in the Mood ...

There are songs to get you in the mood no matter what type of music you like. Music can really effect your emotions. Listening to an upbeat and happy song can make your bad day just a little bit better. Listening to certain songs can also give you a romantic and sexy feeling. The specific songs to get you in the mood will be different depending on what you like and what connection you have to each song, so this is just a list to get you on the right track.

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I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men


Is there anyone who doesn’t get turned on when they hear this song? The soft and melodic tune mixed with the soothing voices of some rather attractive men is enough to get me goin’! This has always been one of my favorite songs to get you in the mood.


Touch My Body by Mariah Carey


I love love love this song! This is a great song to play in the background while you’re having a nice sexy night with your love. It really sets the tone for the evening and puts some ideas in your partner’s head!


It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill


This song is sweet and romantic. It’s a great song to slow dance to and once you’re in each others arms, it’s a smooth transition to soft touches and kisses until you’re dragging each other to the bedroom! This is a special one for me, it always reminds me of my husband when I hear it.


Grind with Me by Pretty Ricky


Essentially ANY Pretty Ricky song is good for getting you in the mood. Some are a little more raunchy than others, so it depends on your personal preference and your mood. There are even a few songs for … eh … “alone time.” Check out a couple Pretty Ricky songs and you’ll see what I mean. This one does a pretty good job of getting people ready for some bump and grind!


Under by Pleasure P


Pleasure P? With a name like that, you’re bound to find some tunes that will get you perspiring! Add to that lyrics like, “I'm gonna hold my breath until you feel it in your chest... When I go under, under. I ain't coming up until you screaming knock it off, when I go under, under.” If you’ve never heard this song, give it a good listen.


Push It by Salt N Pepa


This is a classic mood enhancing song! It’s much more upbeat than most of the rest on this list, but it’s a definite must-have! If you’re in the mood for something more than some tender loving, put this song on repeat!


Let’s Get It on by Marvin Gaye


The list wouldn’t be complete without this quintessential song to get you all hot and bothered. Marvin Gaye is another great artist who has supplied us with many memorable songs that help improve the ambiance for those special nights with your honey!

I know that it takes more than listening to music to get you ready for some action between the sheets, but setting up a playlist that includes these songs will definitely help you and your special someone advance the evenings events to that cataclysmic moment. What songs put you in the mood?

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Listen to Adorn. That is all.

The stylistics "you make me feel brand new"

I can tell you wanna f*<k by 504 boys and Mercedes

Surprised nobody said John Mayer - Your body is a wonderland

Anything from Pleasure P and Trey Songz, lovelies.

Lets Make Love - Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Inside part 2 Trey Songz!!!

Strawberry Bubblegum - Justin Timberlake <3

2012 by Chris Brown.

Beautiful by AKON

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