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7 of the Best Songs to Start the Day ...

By Elizabeth

The best songs to start the day set the morning off right. Whether it’s a low key melody perfect for your relaxing cup of tea and newspaper, or a bounce out of bed, moonwalk into the shower high-energy beat, great morning music gives you a reason to wake up smiling, look forward to the day ahead, and even practice your enviable dance moves! Set that alarm and turn up your speakers, Stalkers - we have dug through a mix of genres and from hip-hop to rock, we are counting down the 7 best songs to start the day.

1 Good Day - Greg Street Ft. Nappy Roots
Our first on the list of music for the morning is hip-hop anthem “Good Day” from Greg Street, featuring Nappy Roots. Though some rap songs can be a little hard edged, this is one of the best songs to start the day. Resisting this beat or the feel good lyrics of the chorus is nearly impossible. This song has just the right amount of attitude and is especially good on those days that you want a little extra swagger in your step. (Monday mornings, anyone?) It’s gonna be a good day!

2 Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
Gracing the second slot on our morning playlist is the carefree and optimistic hit “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. Released nearly thirty years ago, this energetic song has a fabulously uncomplicated feel to it and is still an ideal melody to get you out of bed and belting it out, with the volume turned up. Don’t mind the truly ‘80s feel to this song - that is all part of the fun...


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3 Feeling Good - Michael Buble
A favorite on my get-up soundtrack, “Feeling Good” from Michael Buble is a song you can play over and over, no matter what day of the week, or what lies ahead on the work or social calendar. With an undeniable smoothness and a retro, big-band-meets-jazz-club feel, this song is wonderfully sexy and playful, while reminding us to seize each day as an opportunity to start anew with a bold attitude and strut out the door confidence.

4 Perfect Day - Hoku
What would a list of the very best music for the morning be without some girl power influence in the mix? “Perfect Day” by Hoku is pure lovable sass, youthful positivity and I-am-going-to-rock-this-day fun. Like most of our a.m. music, this tune is best turned up, and with an inspiring, go-get-it attitude flawless for a morning dance party, it is sure to get your day off on the right note.

5 A Beautiful Morning - the Rascals
So often, the very best things in life are straight to the point, tell it like it is, elegantly simple. “A Beautiful Morning” by the Rascals is all of the above in musical form - a smooth, easy-listening, retro feeling tune perfect for a casual weekend wake-up, brunch in the sunshine, a read through the newspaper. It’s all about celebrating the day, going outside, enjoying the weather, and being happy - great advice through great music.

6 Gimme Some Lovin' - the Spencer Davis Group
Our next tune to get your morning going hails from the United Kingdom and made this list for the inevitable dancing fever it creates. The perfect mix of soul and rock, "Gimme Some Lovin'" from The Spencer Davis Group may not seem like a morning-specific playlist option, but between how incredibly fun it is to listen to, the classic feel and the you-can’t-fight-singing-along-even-if-you-tried chorus, it is a must for your morning soundtrack.

7 Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
The last on our list of songs to get your day started is the only one especially designed for a day of the week: sweet, blissful Sundays. A day to lounge around at home, spend time with friends and family, enjoy home-cooking, prepare for the week ahead... If you love your Sundays as much as I do, this Maroon 5 melody is sure to appeal to you, for being just like the day itself - easy, cool and flawlessly low-key.

Music can be such a wonderful part of the morning, and with so many different artists and styles to listen to, there are songs to calm, invigorate or inspire, Monday through to Sunday. Whether you are quick out the door, or lounging the morning away, the right tune can leave you feeling good all day long. What are your favorite songs to start the day?!

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